How Teal Piper Won’t Be Like Her Father Roddy In the Ring

As soon as Women of Wrestling announced Teal Piper was joining them as a wrestler, everyone’s first question was: is she going to be like her father, Rowdy Roddy Piper? She says she will honor her father’s legacy, but of course Teal Piper will be her own person, and her own athlete in the ring.

Roddy and Teal Piper
Actor Roddy Piper (L) and his daughter Ariel Teal Toombs attend the Cathy’s Kids and Lamar Odom Foundation event at S Bar on November 15, 2008 | David Livingston/Getty Images

Showbiz Cheat Sheet was on a conference call with Piper on August 27 where she discussed how she’s also going to carve her own path on Women of Wrestling. Teal Piper makes her WOW debut live on September 18.

Teal Piper wants her dad’s legacy, and wants to take it into the future

Teal Piper chose to take her father’s stage name. Her given name is Ariel Teal Toombs, so becoming a Piper was important. 

“I would like to establish a brand separate from my father,” Piper said. “Yesterday, most of my life I was doing that. I’ve always worked under his biological name, not his stage name and it wasn’t until wrestling that it just felt weird not to use his name in wrestling, not to embrace being in wrestling. You can’t just pretend that didn’t happen.”

Teal Piper
HOLLYWOOD, CA – APRIL 18: Actress Ariel Teal Toombs attends the premiere of “The Fray” at Arena Cinema Hollywood on April 18, 2014 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Mark Sullivan/Getty Images)

Being a Piper gives Teal a good place to start. Then she wants to begin her own legacy.

“I hope as people see me perform and stuff, I don’t want my dad’s legacy to be forgotten and I want to build upon it, but I can’t build upon his legacy. I can only add to the story of the Pipers in general, so his legacy is built. There’s nothing that’s ever going to change that but I hope to start my own brand and to be recognized for my own creative things in the ring and performances and all of that. I hope to expand, not just talk about what used to be.”

Teal Piper, conference call 8/27/19

Teal Piper won’t dress like her father

The Scottish kilt is out. Teal Piper won’t even wear her father’s jacket, because Ronda Roussey already wears it.

“I will not be wearing my dad’s gear if that’s what you’re wondering,” Piper said. “I’m very honored that she wanted to wear it into the ring and I think that’s cool. Me personally, that’s the same jacket my dad put on me as a five-year-old so I have such a sentimental appreciation for all his stuff.”

Wearing her father’s clothes in the ring would perhaps be a little too personal.

“I would feel weird wearing it into the ring,” Piper said. “More than that, I think especially as his kid, it would just be showing up in his gimmick. I want to be my own person. While my costume will have nods to him, it’s definitely not going to be the same style that you see Ronda Roussy.”

Teal Piper will train her own way

Teal Piper is training at the Women of Wrestling gym, so she will learn her own style versus her father’s WWE (formerly WWF) style. 

“As much as I like to believe it’s coming along naturally and I’ve got it in my DNA, nobody’s born with that. You have to train and you have to work hard. Anybody who says they just got in the ring and was amazing is a liar. You have to put the work into it and for me that’s the most challenging is just making sure I’m putting the same amount of dedication in as attention I’m getting.”

Teal Piper, conference call 8/27/19

Wrestling fans expect a lot out of a Piper so Teal wants to deliver.

“Obviously being my dad’s kid, I’m getting a lot more eyes on me than a lot of other people entering the sport,” she said. “So I feel the hardest hurdle is just making sure I’m delivering what those people are expecting. I feel I’m still developing what my in ring style will be. I’m learning so much right now at such a fast rate and I’m working with as many people as I can.”