How Team Cockroach Improved in Season 4 of ‘The Good Place’

Warning, this article contains spoilers for the newest episode of The Good Place. In “Help Is Other People,” the experiment to save humanity from eternal doom ended. Known for its twists and turns, the latest episode from season 4 of The Good Place ended on a cliffhanger.

The results of the experiment and the fate of humanity are left unknown. Currently, The Good Place is only halfway through season 4, meaning anything could happen. While it’s unknown if the new residents improved enough for the experiment to be successful, Team Cockroach themselves showed massive improvement from their characters in the early seasons of The Good Place.

The Good Place
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The Judge gave the humans tests in season 2 of ‘The Good Place’

In the last few episodes of season 2 of The Good Place, the four humans visit The Judge to appeal their case. Judge Gen gives Eleanor, Jason, Tahani, and Chidi a series of individual tests. If they all pass, they will go to the real Good Place. If they fail, they will be sent to The Bad Place.

Judge Gen tests Jason’s impulse control with a video game. Tahani is told to walk down a hallway without opening any of the doors to see what people think of her. The Judge gives Chidi the test of picking a hat. Eleanor’s selfishness is put to the test when she is given the choice to go to The Good Place without the others.

In the end, only Eleanor successfully passes the test. Chidi takes ages to make a decision about the hat and Jason never questioned the logistics of the game. While Tahani showed great maturity confronting her parents, she failed her test because she could not resist opening their door.

A new experiment ended in the most recent episode

In season 4, Team Cockroach is put in charge of an experiment to see if humanity can truly improve after death. After The Bad Place tries to sabotage the experiment, John, Brent, Simone, and Chidi become the final four test subjects. In “Help Is Other People,” the results of the experiment are varied.

Chidi shows vast improvement in his decision-making skills. He comfortably talks with Simone about the chance of them being soulmates and hides Jason’s secret that he is not actually Jianyu. In the final moments of the episode, he decides to save Brent because he knows it is the right thing to do.

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John improved a little over the course of season 4 of The Good Place. He kept Jason’s secret for six months before caving to his gossiping tendencies. When Brent’s life is in danger, John chooses to save himself even though he expressed some self-awareness about the decision. Simone also elects to save herself, but given how racist and misogynistic Brent was towards her, this does not necessarily make her a bad person.

In the final seconds of the episode, Brent realizes he is in fact a bad person after being confronted by Chidi. He acknowledges this and attempts to genuinely apologize, but the clock runs out. Much like Mindy St. Claire, Brent had a change of heart at the last possible second. He finally improved, but it’s unknown if it is enough.

Team Cockroach faced Judge Gen’s tests again in season 4 of ‘The Good Place’

Unlike the three new test subjects, the four original humans improved during the experiment unknowingly. As already mentioned, Chidi was able to make concrete decisions without second-guessing everything in the most recent episode. He also made the right ethical decision by choosing to save Brent. This is a huge improvement from when Judge Gen asked him to simply pick a hat.

Jason’s impulse control also improved. In the latest episodes of season 4 of The Good Place, Jason ended up being the voice of reason to Team Cockroach. When not throwing Molotov cocktails left and right, Jason comes across as the wisest member of the group.

In her human life, Tahani took care of people because of corrupt motivations. The newest season of The Good Place saw Tahani do things for positive reasons. She befriended John even though he mistreated her when they were both alive as a way to genuinely help him. She also stopped name-dropping as much and embraced her role as a caretaker.

Even though Eleanor passed her test from Judge Gen in season 2, she showed even more improvement in season 4 of The Good Place. She constantly put others before herself, even if it would cause her pain. In The Good Place, Eleanor embraced her role as a leader and took on responsibility, something she never did before she died.