How the Kardashians Feel About Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s Breakup

If you somehow haven’t already heard, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have broken up. On Oct. 1, multiple outlets confirmed that the two — who began dating in April of 2017 — had split a few “weeks” earlier.

The news spread quickly and became a trending topic on social media, with thousands of people sharing the most emotional reactions to the separation. But how do the people closest to them, like, say, the Kardashians feel about it?

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner at the Met Gala
Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner at the Met Gala | Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images

The Kardashians are reportedly just as heartbroken

On Oct. 15, a source told People that the famous family was sad to hear the news and hopes that Jenner and Scott will quickly make up.

“Her family wants them to be together. Travis might not be perfect, but he’s a great partner and dad,” the insider explained. “Everyone would be upset if Kylie can’t figure things out with Travis.”

“They’re a great team,” the source continued.

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What are the odds that Jenner and Scott will get back together?

Several sources initially claimed that there was definitely a chance that Jenner and Scott, who share a 1-year-old daughter named Stormi, would quickly reconcile. However, it no longer seems that way.

“Kylie and Travis are still not back together,” a source told Us Weekly on Oct. 28. “It doesn’t look like they will immediately reconcile anymore. They have differing objectives and two different lives.”

Plus, it seems like Jenner is already moving on. On Oct. 23, she was allegedly seen getting close with Drake at his 33rd birthday party, sparking dating rumors. As of writing, she has not commented on the reports.

Why did Jenner and Scott break up anyway?

As of writing, neither Jenner or Scott has commented on the cause of their split, so we can’t say for sure.

However, some sources claim that they split because they disagreed about having another baby and settling down. While Jenner reportedly wanted to give Stormi a sibling, Scott allegedly “did not.”

“Travis isn’t ready to give her all that she wants,” an insider told People on Oct. 2.

Sources also claim that Jenner had trouble trusting Scott after she allegedly found evidence of infidelity in his phone back in February. (Scott denied cheating on Jenner.) They broke up following the alleged discovery but quickly reconciled. However, Jenner reportedly never got over it.

Then there are others who say that the breakup merely had to do with how different their schedules are.

“They are very, very in love, but she’s 22, and her whole life is Stormi and her business and her family. She’s not wanting to be a normal rapper’s wife,” a source told Us Weekly on Oct. 8. “He’s still young and at the recording studio late. She usually goes to bed early. They have different lifestyles,” the insider continued.

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Where do Jenner and Scott stand today?

Jenner and Scott are close friends who have a healthy co-parenting relationship. They even reportedly worked out a custody schedule on their own.

“They love each other and they share a daughter that will bind them together for life,” a source told Us Weekly. “They’ve been great partners in that respect. They are both putting aside any romantic differences to be the best parents in the world for their daughter.”

Kudos to them.