How the MCU’s Take on the X-Men Could Do Away With Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters

How will Kevin Feige incorporate the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? Which comic book plot trajectory will he emulate to retain a degree of authenticity (in terms of the source material), yet a departure from Fox’s former iterations (comprised of a few hits and some misguided — let us not forget The Last Stand — misses)? 

Ever since the Fox/Disney merger, questions surrounding mutantkind in the MCU have seized center stage, yet a certain finesse is required to achieve the level of greatness MCU fans expect. The mutant plotline must be both surprising yet inevitable — canonical yet original. So, what’s the plan?

The X-Men survey the X-Mansion | Murray Close/Getty Images

Based on a few insider reports and associated narrative plausibilities, the MCU may choose to start the mutant journey at a different origin point, highlighting members of the X-Men who received minimal or subpar attention under Fox.

The MCU could choose to bring forth a story that would do away with, or dismiss Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngers to the fringes. Let’s explore the possibilities, explaining how such a narrative would theoretically unfold.

What would happen if Professor Xavier joins as a member of The Illuminati in ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?’

Rumor has it that Doctor Strange may recruit Professor X to begin assembling his team of highly intelligent heroes (The Illuminati) prepped to handle threats the Avengers cannot confront in Multiverse of Madness. If this is true, Professor X may be presented as a younger man, who has yet to open his school. Instead, he comes to defend earth and other galaxies alongside the Sorcerer Supreme (before following his academic-oriented inclinations). 

Or, Professor X could come across Strange with the school already in existence; the school can be mentioned and referenced, but appear as part of a Disney+ show, as opposed to seizing a focal point in the film landscape. However, this is not the only way to remove (or draw attention away from) Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. 

Introducing Storm in ‘Black Panther 2’ (as the first X-Men character to join the MCU) could catalyze a major departure from the best-known narrative 

One insider leak posits that Storm may be the first mutant to join the MCU in Black Panther 2, which could lead to the comic book romance between Storm and T’Challa. 

Storm could also be the headmaster of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Using Storm as an origin point would allow the writers to jump over the narrative focusing on Xavier and Magneto’s origin stories and rivalry, in favor of different, yet also quite popular arc.

Storm could be the headmaster and Professor Xavier’s story could be a part of the past, which can be explored via prequels or multiverse movie scenes. And, considering viewers are already familiar with the Xavier/Magneto story, the writers can, to an extent, rely on that familiarity when sculpting the screenplay.

This plan would remove the original school, in favor of a later establishment, bringing Storm to the forefront as a primary leader in the MCU’s X-Men, and using Professor X as a supporting character who appears sometimes or when necessary in Disney+ installments — always as a  sweet but short-lived surprise.