How the Palace Has Decided To Handle Meghan Markle’s Family Drama and Why It’s Frustrating the Duchess

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Arthur Edwards – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Meghan Markle’s family members have become a nuisance for the royals but the palace has a way of handling the drama, it’s just not the way the duchess would prefer.

Markle’s estranged half-siblings have spoken to the tabloids on a number of occasions and said some unflattering things about her. The Duchess of Sussex’s older brother, Thomas Markle Jr., even wrote a scathing letter to Prince Harry before the royal nuptials asking him to call off the wedding. While her half-sister, Samantha Grant, can’t seem to find anything nice to say and admitted that she’s cashed in on the former actress’ fame with her Celebrity Big Brother gig and book deal.

Meanwhile, Markle’s own father, Thomas Markle Sr., who was advised by his daughter and her husband not to talk to the press, can’t seem to stop doing revealing interviews.

The duke and duchess are reportedly “frustrated” over the behavior but perhaps even more frustrating for the ex Suits star is that she cannot handle her relatives’ comments the way she would like. For years, Markle had her own PR person and could respond to anyone or speak about any topic she wanted to. But now, as a royal, she can’t do that because the palace has its own press office to handle such manners.

“She’s essentially not able to prevent these kind[s] of stories,” a royal source told Us Weekly. “Now, everything has to go through official palace. She doesn’t have her own publicist, she can’t make any comments on Twitter and she can’t reach out to him [her father] to tell him to stop speaking to the press. [His] comments have an effect on everything.”

So since Markle can’t just respond herself, what is the palace’s strategy for dealing with her family’s drama? According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, the palace plans to not say anything at all.

“The strategy at Kensington Palace, I understand, is, ‘Say nothing, don’t dignify these comments, these interviews, these articles with a response,'” she told ET, adding, “the royal family has had more than their fair share of scandals. This won’t faze them.”

True, it may not faze the royals who are used to this kind of madness involving their names from time to time but as Nicholl pointed out, the way Markle’s family has been acting is probably upsetting to her.

“I think the fact that [her father] has continually spoken, he is not respecting her wish that he just stays quiet, [and that] has probably upset her more than anything else and possibly made a reconciliation from Meghan’s point of view almost impossible now,” Nicholl said.

There’s no telling if the royals’ plan to remain silent will work and hush up Markle’s family. After all her father did admit that he gets a kick out of how no one at the palace has commented on anything he said at all yet. “I’m enjoying the fact that I can make the entire royal family not speak.”