How ‘The Undoing’ Star Nicole Kidman Began to Develop Her ‘Love of Characters’

Nicole Kidman currently stars in HBO’s The Undoing, opposite Hugh Grant and Donald Sutherland. The show marks yet another triumphant turn for Kidman in an original series, following Big Little Lies. While Kidman tends toward dramatic thrillers, she has starred in movies and TV shows across various genres. 

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman at ‘The Undoing’ | Vera Anderson/WireImage

From Moulin Rouge! and Eyes Wide Shut to Paddington and Aquaman, the four-time Oscar nominee and one-time winner can do it all. And, her love of character dates way back to childhood and began in a medium separate from the performing arts altogether. During an interview with BAFTA Guru, Kidman discussed her career, noting when she began to fall in love with characters growing up in Australia. 

Nicole Kidman grew up in Australia with parents that ‘had a huge love of the arts’

Kidman explained that when she was growing up, cinema was not very present in her life. She went on to note the kind of information that surrounded her, and the academic environment that defined her childhood, stating, “books, science, politics, emotions, and a very tight, close-knit family” is what she remembers. 

Kidman explained that she had artistic parents and going to the theatre was a common experience. She said: 

Parents that had a huge love of the arts. So, I would go to the theater. I would go to the opera. I would go to the ballet, modern dance. In Australia, we have a place called The Opera House…

BAFTA Guru | Nicole Kidman

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Yet, despite Kidman’s exposure to such grand performances, her love of character came mostly from someplace else. 

Kidman was often stuck in the house, so she read… a lot 

The interviewer notes, “You were quite a precocious reader,” and Kidman dives into all the time she spent in the house because of her “fair skin.” She said: 

I did start voraciously reading when I was little. And, partly because I was so fair, I wasn’t allowed to go to the beach. And, I hated being fair-skinned…but, because of that, I would stay indoors and I would read.

Through reading, became my love of characters. And, my ability to sort of enter into the characters that I was reading was there from a very early age… 

BAFTA Guru | Nicole Kidman

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Kidman explained that “there was nothing in [her] family that suggested to be an actress,” which is why she has always said, “it’s in [her] blood.” And, due, in part, to the fact that was trapped indoors, an incredible actress now graces screens across the nation (and beyond) regularly.