How ‘The World’s Best’ Is Different from ‘America’s Got Talent’

The World's Best

The World’s Best | CBS

America’s Got Talent has been the go-to talent show for a while now. But now The World’s Best is promising to bring even more talent from across the world. However, will the new show really be that different from its predecessor? Here is what you should know about how it will be different and more.

The World’s Best will have experts from every field evaluating contestants

Like America’s Got Talent, the new show will have a panel of celebrity judges. The celebrity judges are RuPaul Charles, Drew Barrymore, and Faith Hill. James Corden is acting as host. But there is the added challenge of also impressing 50 experts from every field. The experts come from all over the world and so will the competitors.

An executive has claimed America’s Got Talent: The Champions was in response to The World’s Best’s premiere

Terry Crews

Terry Crews on America’s Got Talent: The Champions | NBC

The talent competition still has some similarities to America’s Got Talent, and an executive named Mike Darnell acknowledged that. “It’s a competitive industry and no one is more competitive than NBC. That’s why they have America’s Got Talent: The Champions on. That was a direct shot at us,” Darnell said according to Deadline.

But he said that they’re not backing down. “That’s okay; we’re ready for the challenge,” continued the executive. “We’ve got the next new spin on the variety show.”

There is a promise that everyone is at the top of their game on the show

Sometimes the fun of competition shows is to see when things don’t go right. It has happened unexpectedly on America’s Got Talent before. But executive producer Ben Winston said that won’t be the case on The World’s Best.

“One of the things we were all okay with 15 years ago is people coming on who weren’t very talented, and we got a little bit of a laugh at them,” said Winston. He then said “In this culture, I don’t think that’s suitable any more” and “Everybody is at top of their game… Nobody is being laughed at.”

Faith Hill teased some of the talents that will be on the premiere season of the show. “A gospel singer, a martial arts team and I witnessed a performance of something I have never seen in my life,” the singer said according to Entertainment Weekly. “There is some amazing talent that people are going to see.”

She also teased what the chemistry is like between the cast. “James’ comedic timing is unparalleled and he is down to do almost anything for a laugh…ask him about the slack line. RuPaul can stop the show with his one-liners and he doesn’t mince words. Drew, with her amazing acting background, can relate to almost all of the competitors in one way or another.  I learned a lot from all of them and they are the loveliest group of people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”

So the biggest difference is that the new show will have 50 experts around the world also evaluating the contestants. The scope of the show is also bigger since people will be coming all over the world to compete.

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