How to Appear as a Guest on Your Favorite HGTV Show, According to Producers

HGTV is home to some of the most binge-worthy TV shows of all time, including House Hunters, Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper, and so many more. With charismatic hosts, beautiful locations, and stunning homes on display, it’s no wonder that fans clamor to appear on some of their favorite shows. Fortunately, HGTV offers fans a number of ways to get featured on some of their hottest shows, as well as some exciting new ones.

How to apply to be on HGTV

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While not every show is always actively hunting for guests to appear, the HGTV website always features an updated list of which shows are casting. With the wealth of shows on the HGTV network, there is always an open casting call for something new and exciting. As HGTV producers reveal on their website, make sure you are applying through their official site, and never reveal your personal information to any representative reaching out by phone or email without verifying the authenticity with HGTV beforehand, through the provided email address.

A few things to remember prior to filling out any casting call applications – make sure you will have the free time to appear on the show. Many popular TV shows will require several full days, or even several weeks, depending on the nature of the appearance, of your time for filming. Also keep in mind that for shows about home renovation, guests use their own money for the updates and repairs. HGTV doesn’t ever provide the cash for home renovations, so make sure you have the extra cash flow before clicking “submit” on that application. The application will usually clearly state how much you need to have available for the renovation.

Which shows need guests?

Currently, HGTV is asking for guests for literally dozens of shows, from established hits like Property Brothers to all-new programs that have not yet been given a title. Each subsection features a breakdown of the requirements to be considered as a guest on the show. In most cases, you must live in a specific state or city, be open to working with an energetic cast and crew, be available at the necessary times, and have a set design or renovation budget – anywhere from $30,000 up to millions, depending on the project and the specific show.

For the newer shows, the requirements are slightly less strict. For example, HGTV is currently casting for couples who are hunting for their perfect beach house on a budget to be featured on a brand-new show. With this particular casting call, the only requirement is that you be searching for a beach house (all locations considered) and have a set budget in mind. Another one of their up-and-coming shows, Going RV, is searching for fans who own a new or slightly used RV. Interested applicants must submit their location, interior and exterior photos of the RV, contact information, a photo of your family, and a brief paragraph about your RV-buying experience.  Don’t see anything on the HGTV website that piques your interest? Keep checking back throughout the year, as new guest opportunities are added frequently.

How good are your chances of getting featured?

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HGTV’s more popular shows often have insanely long application lists of fans clamoring to be on the show. If your dream is to get featured on HGTV, you will have your best chances by applying to the not-yet-established shows, or the ones not yet given a title or release date. With shows like these, it might take a few months before you see the finalized product on the air, but who knows – you could end up as a part of the next big thing.