‘How to Get Away with Murder’: Will Nate Sell Out Annalise to the FBI?

Season 6 of ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder is underway, and there is no shortage of murder and deception. The final season only has 11 more episodes to wrap up loose ends. We still have so many questions.

While Viola Davis’s character, Annalise Keating is often brutal and harsh, she has not killed anyone. Many people kill for her, and she helps to cover up the many murders. If she goes down, everyone goes down. So, the question remains, will Nate Lahey (Billy Brown) give the FBI what they want regarding Annalise? Warning: Season 6 Spoilers

How to Get Away with Murder Cast
How to Get Away with Murder Cast | Brian Bowen Smith via Getty Images

Nate has two solid reasons to give the FBI what they want

The FBI has promised him a job. He lost his career as a detective because of Annalise. A position in the FBI could be just what Nate needs to restart his life. 

More importantly, the FBI promises that they will find out who killed Nate’s father. He is unable to have closure until he knows who ordered the hit on his Pops. 

Will these two reasons be enough for Nate to tell the FBI even just one of the many things that Annalise is hiding? Let’s analyze this further.

If Annalise goes down, Nate does, too

Season 5 of How to Get Away with Murder revolved around the brutal slaughter of the Assistant District Attorney Miller. Nate and Bonnie are responsible for Miller’s murder, and Annalise knows about it. 

If Annalise is brought in for questioning and finds out that Nate sold her out, she might give up dirt on Nate to save herself. All of these thoughts must be running through his head while chatting with the FBI.

He is internally torn in two different directions. He wants to know what happened to his Pops, but is it worth going to jail? 

Fan opinions on whether or not Nate will give up Annalise

Fans took to Reddit to discuss the recent episode of How to Get Away with Murder. One user wrote, “They really think Nate will turn on Annalise that easily?” The FBI has offered an immunity deal to Laurel and Annalise already up to this point. It seems as if they are going down the list to see who might crack. 

Another Reddit user thinks that Nate might be in trouble, “Hey Nate, playing both sides going to get you hurt.” Since he is lying to Bonnie and giving up information on Teagan, it is beginning to look like he is in over his head. 

One fan suggested, “Anyone else feel like Nate may have a psychotic break like his father?” There is a lot of pressure being put on Nate. We saw in past seasons that Nate Sr. frequently reacted with rage when under pressure. It is possible that Nate could snap in the same way. 

It’s not likely that Nate will give the FBI anything on Annalise, but this is How to Get Away with Murder after all. Nate already has one murder on his hands. Find out what happens next Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC.