How to Make the MCU Better: More Villains Interacting with Other Villains

The Marvel Cinematic Universe may be most known for its superheroes, but they’re not the only ones making the movies as successful as they are.

The villains are another huge piece of the MCU puzzle that keeps people coming back for more. And while Marvel has introduced some fantastically evil villains over the years, fans think the franchise has missed one of the most obvious ideas: a villain team-up. 

Some of the MCU’s most-loved villains

Kevin Feige speaks onstage
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With 23 films under its belt and eight more with scheduled release dates in the next two years, the MCU has proven itself able to keep fans interested. Part of what makes the films so captivating is Marvel’s ability to incorporate well-rounded villains into the storylines.

Don’t get us wrong — there have been plenty of disappointing villains over the years, but there are a few that really stand out to fans. 

Thanos, in particular, is a fan-favorite villain. Thanos’ motivation for evil (in the form of killing half of the universe — no big deal!) comes from watching his home planet die due to overpopulation. He believes he’s acting for the greater good by giving the remaining population more resources and allowing them to thrive.

Fans love that Thanos truly believes he’s trying to save the universe, making him a complicated villain.

Another villain that fans love to watch stir up trouble is Loki. The aptly-named God of Mischief is constantly one step ahead of everyone else, allowing him the ability to truly wreak havoc on those around him.

Loki has consistently been the most unpredictable villain in the MCU so far, and that’s a major reason why he’s a fan favorite. 

Fans want to see a villain team-up in the future

While we all have our favorite villains, some fans are wondering what would happen if Marvel had some of them team up together.

In a recent post on Reddit, one user questioned what it would be like if the MCU incorporated a villain team-up storyline. While the user mentions that it would be fun to watch a team of villains fight a team of superheroes, that’s not all that would be interesting.

“I want to know how the villains would feel about one another. How would their personalities or ideologies clash? How similar or different would their team dynamic be to the Avengers? Would they function well together or would any villain team be doomed to fail?”

The Avengers notoriously work well together, but how similar would a team of villains be? Many villains — not only in the MCU — are motivated by selfish desires and a quest for power. These characters would be unlikely to work well in a team with other villains. But other characters who are motivated by non-egotistical desires may work well together. 

What villains would be likely to form an alliance?

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Justin Hammer from Iron Man 2 would be our first stop on the villain team-up train. Hammer would be itching at the chance to posthumously one-up Tony Stark, and he’d be able to supply the team with weapons. He’s currently being held in custody, but could easily be broken out by a team of bad guys.

Another good addition to the villain team would be Mordo from Doctor Strange. Mordo would be able to counter the likes of Doctor Strange and Scarlett Witch by using magic as well. As revealed in Doctor Strange, Mordo thinks there are “too many sorcerers” in the world, and that could be part of his motivation against the heroes.

Master manipulator Helmut Zemo from Captain America: Civil War would be another excellent choice to join this team of bad guys. He managed to separate the Avengers simply by scheming, and that’s something that any team could use.