How You Can Watch the Premiere of ‘Ghosted’ For Free Right Now

Fox’s new comedy Ghosted doesn’t premiere until October 1, but it’s available to watch early right now.

The Ghosted pilot is currently streaming on Fox’s website. The website doesn’t allow for direct links to videos, but the Ghosted premiere is currently featured right on their home page. You don’t even have to have a cable subscription to watch the video; it’s available to watch completely for free regardless of whether you’re a subscriber. It appears that the episode will only be available until September 24, though.

The version of the premiere opens with a 30 second intro from Adam Scott and Craig Robinson, who explain the premise of the series and tell viewers that they “can be the very first people in the world to see it.” They call what follows a “free preview” and a “sneak peak,” but it’s actually just the entire pilot episode that is going to air on October 1.

Adam Scott and Craig Robinson in Ghosted

Adam Scott and Craig Robinson in Ghosted. | Fox

In addition, Fox will be taking the unique step of streaming the pilot episode on Twitter. On September 22, September 23, and September 24, the official Ghosted Twitter account will be playing the pilot episode at 9:00 p.m. E.T. You can watch a stream on your computer here, or if you’re on the mobile app, you can simply go to the @GhostedonFOX Twitter handle. After the stream ends, the video doesn’t remain on Twitter, so you have to either catch the next day’s stream or go watch the version.

It has become relatively common over the past few years for networks to make first episodes of their shows available to watch for free. Just this past week, SyFy uploaded the entire first episode of Channel Zero‘s second season to YouTube. Sometimes a network will keep a show’s first episode exclusive to subscribers, but they’ll still premiere it early in order to generate some buzz, as when HBO recently added The Deuce‘s pilot to HBO Go about two weeks before the broadcast premiere.

Adam Scott and Craig Robinson in Ghosted

Adam Scott and Craig Robinson in Ghosted. | Fox

Ghosted is a new half-hour comedy from Fox in which Craig Robinson and Adam Scott play two paranormal investigations, one of whom is a skeptic and the other of whom is a believer. It will join Fox’s lineup of comedies including New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-NineThe OrvilleThe Last Man on EarthThe MickThe SimpsonsFamily Guy, and Bob’s Burgers. The most recent comedy to debut on Fox was The Orville, although that show is a bit more dramatic and less comedic than the marketing suggested. Still, its ratings have been solid, even if critics weren’t particularly kind to it.

If you’d prefer to watch Ghosted when it premieres on television, you can do so on Sunday, October 1 at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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