How Will Baby Sussex Change the Dynamic of the Royal Family?

There are only a few weeks to go until the arrival of Baby Sussex! It is getting more exciting by the day, and every time we see Meghan, the most famous bump in the world is just a little bigger.

Everyone knows that Prince Harry and Meghan will make excellent parents. Although they are senior royals, one of the main differences between their baby and the children of Harry’s brother, Prince William, is that Baby Sussex is not in the direct line of succession. What does this mean for the newest member of the royal family and how will Baby Sussex change the dynamic of the royal family?

Harry will have to adhere to a stricter set of rules

Prince Harry is, quite arguably, one of the most fun and playful members of the royal family. While this is just one of the many aspects of his wonderful personality that will make him an excellent father, once the baby arrives, he will have to adapt to a bit of change. Being a parent is a demanding job, and Harry will have to make rules for his child, which may be a change from what he is used to.

The baby may have dual citizenship

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With Meghan being American and Harry being British, their baby may have dual citizenship. This is a first for the royal family, and it certainly changes the dynamic a bit. In fact, Baby Sussex may spend a bit of time in the United States, since that is where Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, currently lives. Meghan will no doubt bring the baby to visit his or her grandmother, as well as the many friends that she has in the United States, introducing her and Harry’s child to the American culture.

Baby Sussex will have a quieter life

Meghan and Harry have expressed their intentions for their child to have a quieter, more “normal” life, away from the royal spotlight. Harry himself has always been quite vocal about the pressures of being in the public eye and constantly being scrutinized by the media. This is one of the main reasons as to why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have decided to relocate to the countryside town of Windsor.

Meghan and Harry’s child may not have a royal title

Many people assume that anyone who is born into the royal family is automatically given the title of “Prince” or “Princess”, however, this may not be the case with Baby Sussex! It has been reported for quite some time that he or she may not be granted a royal title by the queen. This is partly due to the fact that the new baby will be seventh in line to the throne, so a royal title is not exactly necessary. Not being known as a “Prince” or “Princess” will most certainly help Baby Sussex live the more reserved life that Meghan and Harry are looking for.

The baby may not have a nanny

Meghan Markle
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In the past, royal parents have followed a strict set of guidelines for their children. One of these guidelines always included hiring a nanny in order to help out, especially when the children are newborns. All three of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children have nannies and other royal children do as well. However, Meghan and Harry are changing dynamic by considering not using a nanny at all! They are supposedly considering having Meghan’s mother spend time with them at their new home to help look after the baby.

Meghan and Harry are certainly doing things their own way when it comes to Baby Sussex! It is refreshing to see that they have a specific way that they want to raise their child, and they are staying true to what they believe in!