How Will Harry and Meghan Make Sure Baby Sussex Knows Diana?

Baby Sussex is set to arrive any second, and there is even speculation that Meghan has already given birth. We won’t get a glimpse of the newborn for a few days at least, as Prince Harry and Meghan have decided to break royal tradition and keep the birth private.

No matter when we have the honor of first seeing the new arrival, one thing is for sure – this is one lucky baby! He or she will be surrounded by love from so many people, including Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, and of course, Queen Elizabeth.

However, even with all of these wonderful loving people, there is one person, who, unfortunately, won’t be there to share in the joy. That person, as everyone knows, is Harry’s mother, Princess Diana.

How did Harry cope with the loss of his mother?

Most royal fans can clearly remember the fateful night when Princess Diana was involved in a fatal car crash in Paris. She was suddenly taken from her two young sons when William was only 15 years old, and Harry only 12.

Losing a parent at any age is never easy, but for two young boys who were barely into their teenage years, it was extremely devastating.

Harry, who was very close to Diana, struggled greatly with accepting the fact that his mother was gone, and it naturally affected him tremendously. The fact that he was in the public eye didn’t make it any easier for him.

Will Meghan and Harry name the baby after Diana?

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I do find it very suspicious how far the narratives goes in certain newspapers about Harry & Meghan plans to move abroad or even to the continent Africa? Egypt? Morocco?! No one knows.. However, let them adjust as a family, let them leave their lives! Let them breath! Leave them alone for God sake… Just a minute. I do appreciate the idea of them full time working Royals and going abroad to work as representatives for the Queen as the Commonwealth trust presidents, but this is being quite intrusive and inhuman. Clickbait matters..££$$ this is so sad really and tiring. And for those accusing a whole Great Britain nation to hate Meghan is very disgusting too! Everywhere they go their are amounts of Brits applauding them, screaming for them, waiting hours outside for them.. Only because Daily Mail, The Sun or Mirror writes something does not mean that is the fault of 66, 04 Million (2017) citizens fault is come on!! Let starts our disagreement by calling out the names of the source and not putting 66,04 millions brits in one pot. That’s not fair. We do also not identify a nation by one president. That’s not right. Let’s do better. Sorry, going back to the subject AFRICA: according to Buckingham Palace: “Any future plans for The Duke and Duchess are speculative at this stage. No decisions have been taken about future roles. “The Duke will continue to fulfil his role as Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.” Let them have a baby and breath… this is frustrating

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It has been rumored for months that if Meghan and Harry should welcome a daughter, they will pay tribute to his mother by naming her Diana. People all around the world would be absolutely ecstatic if that were to happen, as it is a wonderful way to honor the late princess.

Some fans are also thinking that if the baby is a boy, that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are considering the name Spencer, which was Diana’s last name. Meghan and Harry surely know that Diana would adore her newest grandchild, and would be delighted at the idea of him or her being named for her.

Doria will be a wonderful grandmother

Doria Ragland is said to be overjoyed at the idea of welcoming her first grandchild. Supposedly, she has already made the trip across the pond to England in order to ensure that she is with her daughter and son-in-law for the big day.

Many fans are hoping that Doria spends an extended amount of time with Meghan, Harry, and the new baby at their new home in Windsor, assisting the new parents and getting to know her grandchild. How amazing would that be for Meghan to have her mother right by her side at this important time in her life?

How will Meghan and Harry make sure that the new baby knows Diana?

Although Diana is not here, that certainly does not mean she is forgotten. Meghan and Harry will make sure that their son or daughter gets to know his or her grandmother extremely well by displaying photographs, telling stories, and doing everything possible to make sure that Diana’s legacy lives on.

There are plenty of videos to share, documenting the love and compassion that Princess Diana spread all over the world. As Baby Sussex grows up, Meghan and Harry have plenty of ways to share the memory of Diana so that the new royal will know exactly who she was, and get a feeling for all of the wonderful things that she did for so many people.