How Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Relationship Change After Baby Sussex Arrives?

Baby Sussex will be here soon! While the gender is up for debate, the season Baby Sussex will be here is not. Little Sussex will be gracing the world in the spring, the end of April or early May to be exact. Royal fans couldn’t be more excited to meet the royal-to-be. But without a doubt, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are infinitely more excited to bring their “little bump” into the world. Once the mini Sussex arrives, there will be some changes for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Frogmore Cottage will be family-focused

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been pouring a lot of energy into making Frogmore the perfect home. The cottage was a gift to the beautiful couple from the queen and they held nothing back when it comes to renovations. What was once staff housing will be the ideal home for a blossoming family. There are talks of a gym, yoga studio, and a room specially made for Markle’s mom, Doria.

There’s also Baby Sussex’s nursery. The paint is eucalyptus infused to promote relaxation. The color scheme is neutral with a modern flair. Everything going into the home is environmentally friendly, a reflection of the couple’s desire to help the world. With so much effort going into creating the perfect family-friendly home, it’s not surprising the pair will be focusing on bonding. They even intend to throw some royal rules to the wayside to promote a certain way of life for their child!

Schedules will need to be shifted around for Baby Sussex

Right now, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are free to do what they want when they want (for the most part). Their schedules are chock full of royal duties including appearing at special events and helping out their Patronages. There’s also tons of travel to build relations with other countries. Once the baby arrives things will change.

For one, Markle will be putting her royal duties to the side so she can spend time with her child. Individuals are allowed a full year off to care for their children so the Duchess could be away from the public eye for a pretty long time if she so chooses. This means that she won’t be spending as much time with her husband out in the open but the two will catch up in their new home. 

Just look at Kate Middleton and Prince William. The two have cleared their schedules to spend time with their bundles of joy. Middleton also made sure to take time off after giving birth to each of her children. Her longest maternity leave to date was five months for Prince Louis.

Safety concerns will increase

Safety is a big deal for the royal family. While the former Suits actress and her hubby have safety rules in place to protect them, things will get more serious once the baby arrives. Not only will royal security be amped up to take care of the newest member of the family but the parents-to-be will also be on guard.

It goes without saying that loving parents do what they can to protect their children. Markle and Prince Harry will be no different. It’s just that because they are a royal family and the baby is of royal lineage, extra precaution needs to be taken to protect the newborn. Markle even underwent kidnapping training as a part of her royal training.

Why? It’s protocol but there was also a kidnapping attempt in recent British history. Princess Anne was almost kidnapped back in 1974, showing that abduction was still a real threat when it came to those in such high standing. While Princess Anne managed the situation, Baby Sussex would not have the means to do so. It makes sense that both the parents and the security around the family would be upped to avoid such a circumstance. 

So, while there are a handful of changes on the horizon for one of the British royal family’s newest couples, they are definitely all for the better!