How Will Meghan Markle’s Close Relationship With Her Mother Influence Her as a Parent?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are about to become first-time parents and royal fans cannot hide their excitement! The world is speculating as to whether the baby will be a boy or a girl, and even wondering which hospital Meghan will choose to deliver the baby.

With their casual, laid back style and fun approach to everything they do, Meghan and Harry are sure to be wonderful parents. However, one question remains – will Meghan’s close relationship with her mother influence her as a parent herself?

Who is Meghan Markle’s mother?

Doria Ragland, who lives in Los Angeles, California, is the mother of Meghan Markle. She is a social worker and a yoga instructor. She and Meghan have an extremely close relationship. Doria has been welcomed to events with Meghan and Harry, and she seems to get along very well with members of the royal family.

Meghan makes no secret that Doria is her best friend and closest confidante. They talk on the telephone as much as they can, and Doria spends time in London whenever possible. In fact, it has been rumored that Harry and Meghan have invited her to live with them in their new home on the grounds of Windsor Castle. 

What is their relationship like?

Meghan Markle is Doria’s only daughter, and the two have what appears to be an unbreakable bond. Meghan goes to Doria for advice, inspiration, or just when she needs to have a good talk with a trusted listener. Royal fans even know that Doria affectionately calls Meghan by the nickname “Flower,” that started in her childhood.

They are so close that Doria stayed with Meghan the night before her wedding to Harry, and was the only family member of Meghan’s who was present for the nuptials. The royal family knows how close they are, even inviting Doria to spend Christmas at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate.

Will Meghan be like her mother when it comes to parenting?

Having been raised by a parent that she had such a strong relationship with is likely to influence Meghan when she becomes a parent this spring. The Duchess of Sussex will most certainly be spending as much time with her baby as possible, being a nurturing and loving parent just as Doria was. It will not be at all surprising if Meghan and her baby spend a significant amount of time with Doria, as well. After all, it is her first grandchild, and she can hardly contain her excitement!

How does Prince Harry feel about Meghan and Doria’s relationship?

Meghan and her mother
Meghan Markle walking with her mother | Steve Parsons – Pool / Getty Images

Prince Harry simply adores his mother-in-law. He loves the fact that Meghan and Doria are so close, and he welcomes Doria to spend as much time as she likes with them at their home at Nottingham Cottage. Harry encourages Meghan and Doria to always remain as close as they are, and never discourages Meghan from inviting her mother along to events whenever she can.

A strong role model

Doria Ragland is not only Meghan mother and best friend, but she is also her biggest role model! Meghan’s mother is always willing to lend a hand to someone in need, and she goes above and beyond to give back to her community, which is definitely a trait that Meghan picked up along the way! Doria always encouraged Meghan to be proud of herself and work as hard as she can to achieve her dreams, something Meghan will certainly pass along to her own children. Looks like Meghan had, and still has, excellent support from her mother, and fans are excited that baby Sussex will have the same!