How Would Fans React If the Members of BTS Dated?

K-pop idols typically keep their personal lives out of the public eye to avoid negatively impacting their career. After BTS returned from hiatus, dating rumors circulated about one of BTS’s members, Jungkook. Even though ARMY tried to stop the rumors from circulating, Big Hit Entertainment was forced to shut down the rumors. While this was just a rumor, how would BTS fans react if the BTS members started publicly dating?

BTS dating
BTS | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Dating rumors spread throughout social media after leaked images of Jungkook were released

Just hours after BTS’s break ended, photos of Jungkook with a female tattoo artist spread throughout social media. It was later discovered someone leaked the images from CCTV footage. Fans then found the tattoo artist’s Instagram, and within hours she gained tens of thousands of followers.

Some fans upset with the idea of Jungkook dating tagged the tattoo artist in hateful posts. They also spread her name and Instagram account on social media. However, a majority of ARMY expressed their disappointment with fans’ behavior and attempted to stop the information from spreading.

BTS fans were angry about how others treated the Jungkook dating rumors

The rumors reached Big Hit Entertainment and the company released a statement denying the rumors. In the statement, the company explained Jungkook and the woman were just friends and threatened legal action against whoever released the footage. After Big Hit Entertainment released the statement, fans expressed their disappointment for other fans’ behavior.

“this situation shouldn’t even have to be explained. he’s an adult and he can hang out with whoever he wants. get rid of this toxic mentality that your idol belongs to you and owe you their loyalty. know your limits as a fan because that’s all you’ll ever be,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Some members of ARMY wonder how other BTS fans would react

After the dating rumors slowed down, some BTS fans worried about the members of BTS. All of the members are young men with social circles outside of BTS. ARMY recognized the group deserved to date without worrying about fans’ reactions. Because of how some fans reacted to the dating rumors, ARMY worried how fans would react if the members of BTS actually dated publicly.

“if some reacted like this over some rumors imagine how it will be when a member does start dating,” a fan tweeted.

Other fans used the situation to joke about how the members of BTS most likely are dating. After all, BTS is one of the biggest music groups in the world and the members are surrounded by other talented and attractive people in the industry. Because K-pop idols typically keep relationships private, there is no way to know about any of the BTS members’ personal lives.

“The way this fandom moved because of jks supposed gf lmao wait until y’all find out the reason Jin was late at the airport was bc he was saying bye to his wife and kids,” a fan joked on Twitter.

Most BTS fans would be supportive of the members dating

It would be easy to assume most BTS fans would react negatively to the members of BTS dating based on the headlines surrounding Jungkook. However, after the rumors about Jungkook, hundreds of thousands of BTS fans trended #AlwaysWithJK to show support for the singer. The number of fans tweeting their support for the members of BTS largely outweighed the number of upset fans.

“If ever one of them is dating someone or even the whole bts. i’d be real glad and i hope they know that it’s not something they should hide. we’ll be 100% supportive and it’s their time to finally realize that they’re humans too. Because their happiness is all that matters,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“I want every BTS member to get into a relationship. This fandom needs a toxicity cleanse and fast. IF U DONT SUPPORT BTS DATING SOMEONE YOU ARE NOT A TRUE FAN…,” a fan tweeted.

Another fan tweeted, “I will always support our men! That means if they are on vacation, hanging out with friends, dating, etc…I will completely respect their privacy and will never post pictures or videos, or share videos or pictures of our men when they are clearly not working… they are human!”

Every fandom has toxic fans, and the BTS fandom is not the only fandom where certain fans feel entitled to celebrities. BTS has millions of fans across the world and gain new fans everyday. While some fans would not be happy with the members of BTS dating, a majority of fans would be supportive of the members.