How Would Kate Chastain from ‘Below Deck’ Handle Chef Mila?

Chief stew Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean has made it perfectly clear that she is completely exasperated with Chef Mila Kolomeitseva.

Kolomeitseva has repeatedly put Ferrier in the position of having to serve food that was either “slimy” or made from prepackaged ingredients. For the first time in her yachting career, Ferrier refused to serve a dish Kolomeitseva prepared too.

Kate Chastain |Photo by Greg Endries/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

While Ferrier is doing her best to try to make the relationship work, Below Deck chief stew Kate Chastain has some thoughts of her own about Kolomeitseva. Plus she shares why the chef hasn’t been canned just yet.

Smoke and mirrors

Chastain has shown on a number of occasions she is the master of diversion. When a group of charter guests wasn’t thrilled with dessert last season, she quickly told them they were going to instead enjoy “dessert shots.” Plus she got second stew Josiah Carter to serve them in a pair of tight gold hot pants, furnished by the guests.

So when Chastain appeared on Another Below Deck podcast, she was asked how she’d handle working with Kolomeitseva. “If I had Chef Mila I would never have served any of that,” she revealed.

Instead, “I would say we are taking the guests out to a restaurant because the oven broke. On the boat, [she’d tell guests] ‘we’ve made reservations at a very exclusive, hard to get into restaurant.'”

How fast should Chef Mila have been fired?

Chastain said Kolomeitseva should have been fired immediately. “Get the chef out, bring in a new one. But we are not serving this sh*t. Tell the chef they are fired right away. While she’s packing get the guests off [the yacht].”

Sounds easy enough especially since Chastain understands production on the show. But Captain Sandy Yawn asserts hiring a new chef for the show is an entirely different ballgame.

Yawn has tweeted a number of times about why hiring someone new isn’t so simple. “Timing!” she remarked in response to a question about why production doesn’t stop until a new chef can be found. “We charter the yacht for a finite time. Can’t stop production. The yacht needs to be turned back over to the owner and his/her crew.”

Plus Yawn has discussed that crew members need specific yachting certifications, but also special clearances to film.

Chastain echoes what Yawn has been saying

Chastain says yachting on television isn’t the same as in the private world. “The one difference between Below Deck and real yachting is the forms and background checks people have to go through,” she shared.

She also stands by what producers and crew members have asserted. Fans have accused Bravo of planting an actor instead of a real chef to create drama. But, “They really believed she could do what she said she could do,” Chastain said. “Now they have to take some time to find anyone to replace her.”

Although Below Deck seems to feature cast members getting fired, Chastain insists it is not a hasty or rash decision. She wanted to fire several of her former stews in the past. But was told it would take too much time to replace them.