How Would Princess Diana Feel About Meghan Markle’s Birth Plan?

With the world waiting patiently for news on Baby Sussex, one can’t help but think about Princess Diana. Everyone wants to know if the baby is going to be a boy or girl. What name will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry choose for their first child?

They are stealing all the attention away from the rest of the royal family, and already the baby is the center of attention.

While the due date gets ever closer, you might wonder what it would be like if Princess Diana were still around. Would she approve of her daughter-in-law? What about her birth plan

It’s no secret that the late Princess Diana had a hard time following orders. She also found it difficult to be followed by paparazzi at every turn. In fact, it was because of the paparazzi that caused her untimely death, leaving Prince William and Harry without a mother. 

What problems did Princess Diana have with her birth plan?

There was a lot going on behind castle walls when Princess Diana was pregnant according to Express. She was always being scrutinized and followed. She felt like she was trapped at times. She did not like being told what to do when to eat, and how to dress.

On top of all the rules, she was expected to remember; there was a privacy issue. She was told to just smile for the cameras because like her nickname, she was the People’s Princess. At times it was downright dangerous for her and the baby, but the royal family wanted her to do what she was told and smile for the cameras.

Princess Diana wanted to have more normal pregnancy, birth, and child-rearing experiences. She decided she needed to break tradition to do what was right for her and her baby.

What is the royal tradition for childbirth?

Of course, we all know the tragic story of Princess Diana, but did you know that when it came to childbirth, she broke with tradition?

Yup, it’s true. Before her, royal women had their babies at home. Or in this case, at home in a castle.

Queen Elizabeth II had all four of her children at home, and so did the royal women before her. When Princess Diana was pregnant, she decided to break with tradition and have the baby at the hospital. Kate Middleton followed suit.

If Meghan Markle decides to have Baby Sussex at home, we are sure that the late Princess Diana would approve. Even though she felt she needed to have her sons at the hospital, she would likely agree and respect her daughter-in-law’s choice for privacy and comfort over medical staff. 

How would Princess Diana feel about Meghan Markle’s birth plan?

If Princess Diana was still alive today, how would she feel about Meghan Markle’s birth plan?

Honestly, we believe she would be happy with it. The reason Princess Diana chose to break tradition and have her babies at the hospital was for more privacy and control. She got to decide who is allowed to enter her room, as opposed to the palace where she felt helpless. 

She would also respect Markle’s decision to not notify the press immediately or pose for pictures right after birth. The reason Princess Diana posed for photos on the stairs in front of the hospital was to avoid paparazzi trying to take pictures in dangerous ways.

She knew that by posing for everyone, no one would fight and claw their way for an exclusive photo.

The fact that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem to be trying to find normalcy in their pregnancy and childbirth seems to be the same thing Princess Diana desperately wanted.

She would be proud of both of them for standing their ground and doing what’s right for their family. After all, the late princess always put her boys first.