How Zach and Tori Roloff From ‘Little People, Big World’ Are Preparing for Christmas

Fans of Little People, Big World have been watching the Roloff family for years thanks to TLC’s documentation. It all started with Matt and Amy Roloff, two little people with different forms of dwarfism who also run their own farm and have four children together. Over the years, we watched the Roloff kids grow up and develop families of their own — and Zach, a fan favorite who’s also the only other Roloff to be born with a form of dwarfism, is now married with an adorable son.

Zach and Tori Roloff are followed closely on social media due to their candidness as parents and their popularity with the public. So, how are they preparing for Christmas with their 1-year-old? Here’s what we’ve gathered.

Zach and Tori took their son to find his first Christmas tree

Like so many others who celebrate Christmas, Tori and Zach make it a tradition of theirs to go out and find the best Christmas tree. Tori shared plenty of adorable photos of her, Zach, and their 1-year-old, Jackson, out in the fields searching for the best tree. And Inquistr notes it seems they’re on the same tree farm they’ve been on in years past, which is the Christmas Mountain Choose and Cut. Last year, similar photos were posted from Jeremy, Zach’s twin brother, and Jeremy’s wife, Audrey.

“We found our perfect…ish tree today! I just love the Christmas season and all the magic it brings!” Tori captioned this adorable photo of her family. The series of photos also included Jackson in a wagon with the family dog, Murphy, who certainly loves little Jackson, as evidenced by another photo series Tori posted of the two of them lounging in front of the tree they picked and decorated.

They had family time with Zach’s twin brother, Jeremy, and his daughter

It wouldn’t be Christmas without family time, and it seems Zach and Tori get plenty of quality time with the other Roloffs. Fans loved this photo Tori posted of Jackson with his cousin, Ember, who’s Jeremy and Audrey’s baby girl. “Just two cousins scoping out the best tree,” the photo was captioned. Given how family-oriented the Roloffs are, we’re sure picking out a tree together has become a tradition that will carry on for years to come.

Zach also gave fans a glimpse into time he was spending with his brother over the holidays. He posted this sweet photo of him, Jeremy, and their kids on Dec. 11. Zach was also helping bring awareness to Jeremy’s charity cause, which is a campaign to help bring drinking water to those who don’t have access to it. “Please consider trading one cup of coffee this Christmas season and donate $5 (or more ;) to this campaign!” Zach captioned his photo “I’ve chipped in and it only takes a few minutes. Oh yes! And if he reaches his goal he’s cutting his hair!”

They may only be seeing one of Zach’s parents for Christmas day

We remember back when Matt and Amy Roloff were a happy couple, but they’ve since divorced and gone on to date others (there are even rumors that Amy Roloff may be on the fast track to engagement with her current partner). For that reason, it’s suspected that on Christmas day, Tori and Zach may only be seeing one of Zach’s parents instead of both. According to Radar Online, for Christmas 2017, the Roloff kids spent the day with Matt while Amy spent it alone with her boyfriend. A photo posted to Instagram showed the family all together for the holidays — but of course, Amy was not present.

That doesn’t mean the Roloff kids skipped out on spending quality time with their mom, though. In 2017, Amy posted a photo to Instagram showing an early Christmas celebration with Zach, Tori, baby Jackson, Jeremy, Audrey, and baby Ember. Her boyfriend, Chris Marek, was also present. “Just having a little early Christmas get together w/ these lovelies. My heart is filled w/ joy. Happy moment seeing my grand babies, my kids kids (cousins) play together,” she captioned her Christmas post.

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