The Girls Explore Their Identities In ‘Dollface’ Episode 4 Recap: ‘Fun Friend’

Who hasn’t wrestled with their identity before? It’s never quite as easy as it sounds to become yourself or someone new entirely. Characters in TV shows are often relegated to being one thing or another, and that’s the concept behind Dollface Episode 4 ‘Fun Friend.’ (Catch up on Episodes 1, 2, and 3 with our recaps.)

Jules is the ‘boring friend’

'Dollface' Episode 104 -- Stella (Shay Mitchell) and Jules (Kat Dennings)
‘Dollface’ Episode 104 — Stella (Shay Mitchell) and Jules (Kat Dennings) | Aaron Epstein/Hulu

After a night of partying, Stella arrives at Jules’ apartment and asks to crash. She also invites Jules to have dinner with her and her mom that night, because she needs someone ‘boring’ to keep things from getting out of control.

Jules imagines her life as a sitcom, in which she’s the homebody who wears multiple Snuggies, hangs out on the couch, and won’t go out with her friends. So she decides to change this, by drinking and joining in on the fun with Stella and her mom.

Izzy in the ‘crazy friend’

'Dollface' Episode 104 -- Izzy (Esther Povitsky) and Madison (Brenda Song)
‘Dollface’ Episode 104 — Izzy (Esther Povitsky) and Madison (Brenda Song) | Aaron Epstein/Hulu

Meanwhile, Izzy has a major project to take on at work. Celeste asks her to fix the branding on a new ad campaign for a product called “White Powder.” So she calls in a PR expert: Madison. Madison has a brilliant idea to change things, and the Allisons and Celeste love it.

But Madison thinks her “personal brand” needs some work. Izzy puts together a presentation of who she thinks she is, but she ends up just choosing what she thinks she should be. So Madison decides to “relaunch” her, allowing her to become more like herself.

Stella is the ‘fun friend’

'Dollface' Episode 104 -- Stella
‘Dollface’ Episode 104 — Stella | Erin Simkin/Hulu

Everyone knows that Stella loves to party and have adventures. But this isn’t who she wants to be all the time. In fact, she reveals to her mom and Jules that she applied to business school. Meanwhile, Jules and her Terry (Stella’s mom) are taking shots, and Stella has to take care of them.

Jules decides to make things up to Stella by taking her on a fun night out. But the night begins to go wrong right away. Stella just wants to stay in and chill, and Jules feels like she has to prove herself. Somehow, they end up on a boat headed for Alaska. Stella gives in and enjoys herself, and Jules once again takes on her usual role as a buzzkill, forcing them to turn the boat around.

Madison is the ‘bossy friend’

'Dollface' Episode 104 -- Madison, Stella, Jules, and Izzy
‘Dollface’ Episode 104 — Madison, Stella, Jules, and Izzy | Aaron Epstein/Hulu

Madison accompanies Izzy to drinks with the Allisons. Izzy tells them her real name, explaining that she changed it because she was in hiding from a psycho ex-boyfriend. Not exactly the truth, but hey, it worked in pinch.

In the end, Jules and Stella get off the boat, and Izzy gets to be more herself. All four recognize that they still fall into the same labels, but there’s also room to explore who else they can be.