Meet Jules in ‘Dollface’ Episode 1 Recap: ‘Guy’s Girl’

Hulu‘s latest original series is Dollface. The series stars Kat Dennings as Jules, a young woman recovering from a breakup who has to relearn what it means to be a friend to other women. Read on for a recap of the show’s first episode, ‘Guy’s Girl.’ (Naturally, spoilers are a given.)

This is Jules

'Dollface' Episode 101 -- Jules (Kat Dennings) and Jeremy (Connor Hines)
‘Dollface’ Episode 101 — Jules (Kat Dennings) and Jeremy (Connor Hines) | Ali Goldstein/Hulu

The episode begins with Jules and Jeremy, an ordinary Los Angeles couple having brunch. Then, it happens: Jeremy dumps Jules, absolutely out of nowhere. He’s pretty cavalier about the whole thing, ready to move on to the next phase of his life, without the woman he’s spent the last five years with.

Jules is the kind of girl who makes excuses. She cleans when she’s obsessed, and she’s practical, but she doesn’t really like to do anything that requires a lot of effort. So while she was with Jeremy, she let her relationships with her best friends (specifically freshman roommate Madison Maxwell, played by Brenda Song) fall by the wayside. And unlike it cliche romcoms, it won’t be so easy just to fall back into the swing of things.

Her best friends are Stella and Madison

'Dollface' Episode 101 -- Madison (Brenda Song), Jules (Kat Dennings), and Stella (Shay Mitchell)
‘Dollface’ Episode 101 — Madison (Brenda Song), Jules, and Stella (Shay Mitchell) | Aaron Epstein/Hulu

When Jules can’t get Madison to let her back in, Stella (Shay Mitchell) is the next friend she goes to see. She’s Madison’s other best friend from college, and she and Julies don’t have much in common — where Jules is something of an everygirl, Stella is out there in every possible way (we first meet her at a warehouse where she’s posing as part of an artistic photoshoot featuring naked men as household objects).

She suggests that Jules “blow things up” in order to get Maidson to be her friend again, and so Jules turns to the ‘It Girls’ at her office, all three of whom are named Allison. They’re a clique of very welcoming (if too much so), very “millennial” women, who get more done in one morning than most of us do in a week.

The surrealism

'Dollface' Episode 101 -- Alison B (Brianne Howey), Alison S (Vella Lovell), and Jules (Kat Dennings)
‘Dollface’ Episode 101 — Alison B (Brianne Howey), Alison S (Vella Lovell), and Jules | Ali Goldstein/Hulu

Let’s take a break from the plot for a second to talk about one of the big draws of the show. Dollface could just be another Sex and the City or Girls (though it doesn’t read as so from the pilot), but then there is the surrealist aspect of it, as depicted slightly in the trailer.

These illusion allusions work so well because they’re not constant — they’re part of Jules’ fractured psyche after experiencing a shocking change in her life. There’s the cat lady on the bus, who comes along after Jeremy tells Jules she can keep their pet feline in the breakup. And after saying the Allisons are “unapproachable,” the lunch table they’re sitting at moves away from her when she tries to talk to them.

They go to a party

'Dollface' Episode 101 -- Madison (Brenda Song) and Jules (Kat Dennings)
‘Dollface’ Episode 101 — Madison and Jules | Aaron Epstein/Hulu

Jules convinces Stella and Madison to go to a launch party with her, at which Stella goes missing. Enter Jeremy. Yes, he’s a bit unbelievable as far as douchey men go, but then again, it makes sense that she’s never realized how awful he is. She and Madison find Stella at Margaritaville at Universal Studios Hollywood, drinking margaritas and discussing finances with Dave Coulier.

At the party, Jules has to relearn the “rules” of being a woman. She’s tempted to scoff at them, but while some are just for fun (i.e. that it’s imperative everyone dances together in a circle when a particular song comes on), others are actually how we support and protect one another (going to the bathroom together at a crowded club, for example).

What comes next?

‘Dollface’ Episode 101 — Izzy (Esther Povitsky) and Jules | Aaron Epstein/Hulu

The episode ends realistically. Things aren’t perfect with her new old friends, but it’s a start. Jules is ready to forget Jeremy and get reacquainted with her college buddies. It also looks as though Izzy (Esther Povitsky, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), one of the intimidating clique from Woom, wants to join their group.