It’s Time to Move On In Dollface’ Episode 2 Recap: ‘Homebody’

The problem with the way many relationships that end is that they don’t. Yes, that sounds contradictory, but generally speaking, it takes time to fully break it off with someone, especially when there are a lot of logistics involved. In Episode 2 of Dollface, Jules realizes she has to get out of Jeremy’s apartment (formerly her and Jeremy’s apartment) fast, and she turns to Madison and Stella for help. (Spoilers ahead! See Episode 1 recap.)

'Dollface' Episode 102 -- Jules (Kat Dennings)
‘Dollface’ Episode 102 — Jules (Kat Dennings) | Aaron Epstein/Hulu

At brunch, we get another scene marked by metaphors. Brunch is what young women do on Sunday, so it’s their version of church. Jules is happy to join her pals for this ritual, but it quickly turns into an argument between Stella and Madison, each of whom thinks Jules needs to move on in a different fashion. So Jules is literally trying to hold the table together as she’s divided between them.

Madison’s plan

'Dollface' Episode 102 -- Celeste (Malin Åkerman)
‘Dollface’ Episode 102 — Celeste (Malin Åkerman) | Ali Goldstein/Hulu

First up, Madison takes Jules to see an aspirational apartment. We get a glimpse into her personality here. Madison obviously makes a lot of money at her high-powered job (which we don’t really know anything about), because she thinks the way to get over something is amenities. The apartment comes with basically everything under the sun and its way out of Jules’ price range.

The solution to that is simple, according to Madison. Ask for a raise. So Jules goes to talk to her boss at Woom. Played by Malin Åkerman, Celeste is basically the Gwyneth Paltrow of the Goop-esque wellness brand. Jules introduces herself as a member of the web design team, but before she can make a good impression, she accidentally shatters her boss’ glass desk to pieces.

Stella’s plan

'Dollface' Episode 102 -- Stella (Shay Mitchell)
‘Dollface’ Episode 102 — Stella (Shay Mitchell) | Aaron Epstein/Hulu

After her big mishap, Jules asks Stella if she can take her up on her idea. Stella is a bit of a nomad, taking housesitting gigs wherever she can to stay on the move. So naturally, her plan is a bit more adventurous: She thinks Jules should travel to TK to see snow monkeys. So she takes her to an outdoors shop to get some gear.

Jules isn’t exactly on board with this plan, either. Then, she gets stuck in a giant parka, which she has to be cut out of. And take make matters worse, when she gets home, Jeremy is there again. He wants to crash on the couch for a while. They can be “platonic roommates,” he says.

Izzie’s plan

'Dollface' Episode 102 -- Jules and Izzy (Esther Povitsky)
‘Dollface’ Episode 102 — Jules and Izzy (Esther Povitsky) | Ali Goldstein/Hulu

Needless to say, this doesn’t fly with Jules either. She tells the Allisons at work about what’s going on, but they’re not too helpful. However, Izzy (who is still keeping her real identity a secret from everyone but Jules) says that she’s looking for a roommate. Perfect!

Well, not exactly, Jules finds that Izzy is a little too interested in her life. She sits on the toilet while Jules showers, makes her a complicated face mask, and then answers her texts for her, causing the fight between Stella and Madison to escalate. This all ends with Jules tripping over the empty bowl and spraining her ankle.

Jules’ plan

'Dollface' Episode 102 -- Jules, Stella, Madison (Brenda Song), and Izzy
‘Dollface’ Episode 102 — Jules, Stella, Madison (Brenda Song), and Izzy | Ali Goldstein/Hulu

At the hospital, all four women come together. Jules feels guilty about what happened between Stella and Madison, but they assure her that they’re over it, and that’s just what friends who love each other do. They also agree that she should go with her gut about how she wants to handle moving out.

So Jules decides to sublet a guest house that used to belong to an elderly woman. It’s kitschy, full of antiques, and pretty cluttered, but she loves it. Her friends then come over to celebrate Jules in her new place.