Hulu Has Nixed Their Ghost Rider Series

If you were looking forward to seeing Ghost Rider ride on Hulu, you’ll be disappointed to hear the streaming service has nixed the live-action adaptation of the famed comic book character. A series featuring Gabriel Luna in the lead role was announced back in May 2019, but now the plan has been altogether scrapped due to creative difference, and Luna is pretty disappointed. Is Marvel behind the undoing of the series and could it mean the flamed motorcycle rider will show up in the MCU?

Why did Hulu trash the Ghost Rider project?

Back in May 2019, it was announced that Hulu would be spearheading two original comic book projects. A Ghost Rider project was in the pipeline and slated for a 2020 release. Gabriel Luna was signed on to play the lead character, Robbie Reyes. The streaming platform also announced that they would be working on a Helstrom series at the same time, according to Deadline.

Everything seemed to be moving along swimmingly until last week. According to Deadline, Hulu nixed the Ghost Rider project due to creative differences. The show had not gotten out of pre-production yet, according to insider sources. Helstrom, however, appears to be still slated for a 2020 release.

There is no official word on what those “creative difference” might be, but it’s possible that Ghost Rider may be saved for other projects. In fact, rumors are swirling that the spirit of vengeance might find his way onto the silver screen in the coming years.

Did the MCU have something to do with it?

Rumors are swirling that Kevin Feige is interested in seeing Ghost Rider reprise a role in a feature film, albeit it’s unlikely to be a solo movie. Instead, Ghost Rider may show up in a cameo role to introduce him back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The company’s interest in using Ghost Rider, in some capacity, may have played a role in his removal from Hulu’s upcoming schedule, although neither Hulu nor Marvel has commented on the theory. Looper theorizes that Marvel is unlikely to ever bring Ghost Rider to the silver screen as a solo character again, so fans will need to settle for supporting roles and cameos.

Looper notes that a solo film isn’t in the cards because Nicolas Cage has no interest in reprising his role as Johnny Blaze, and that’s probably for the best. Neither film starring the eccentric actor was well-received and Cage, who happens to be a huge comic book fan, just didn’t sit well as Ghost Rider. Luna fared much better as Robbie Reyes, another incarnation as Ghost Rider, but many believe the character is better left to the small screen, at least as a lead character.

Gabriel Luna is bummed about the failed project

Luna had been tapped to take on the role in the solo series, but it’s just not meant to be. Luna’s portrayal of Ghost Rider in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was inspired. While the role was small, his portrayal of the character excited fans.

In fact, it looked like Luna was going to be the actor who could finally do the iconic comic book character justice. Nicolas Cage’s portrayal of the stunt motorcyclist who sold his soul to save his father was an uninspired flop. His 2011 reprisal of the role didn’t fare much better. Luna appeared in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D as Robbie Reyes and seemed to be a far better fit for the character than Cage ever was.

Luna took to social media to share his disappointment at not getting to finish what he had started with Hulu. While bummed to be losing out on the chance to further develop the character, he noted that nothing in Hollywood is guaranteed. He also took the time to thank everyone that had been involved in the project. While the Hulu version of the character is clearly out of the question, it’s possible fans haven’t seen the last of Luna as Ghost Rider.