Hunter Schafer Has Mixed Feeling About This Tragic ‘Euphoria’ Scene

Euphoria may have wrapped for the season, but that hasn’t stopped fans from talking about the incredible show. A star-studded cast (headlined by 23-year-old Zendaya, who plays Rue) coupled with the painful rawness and grittiness that seems to permeate adolescence coalesces to create a new caliber of show. What makes the show even more enthralling is the juxtaposition of dynamic characters. One standout character is that of Jules Vaughn played brilliantly by Hunter Schafer. (Warning: Spoilers ahead)

Hunter Schafer, star of Euphoria, at YSL red carpet event.
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Schafer’s Jules fills the role of Rue’s best friend and love interest. Jules’ sweet yet bold approach to life is truly captivating to witness, even if, at times, her choices fall firmly into the danger zone. Jules and Rue have countless scenes together throughout their tenure on Euphoria, but one of the most challenging to watch was the goodbye scene between the pair during the season finale.

Euphoria season finale recap

While at their school’s Winter Formal, Rue makes the bold suggestion to blow off the remainder of the dance and sneak away to New York instead. Jules is immediately on board and the pair ride off together into the night. But, it soon becomes clear that Rue has doubts about her suggestion, and begins coming up with every excuse not to go.

When the pair arrives at the train station, Rue is unable to get on the train and ultimately Jules makes the choice to head to New York alone. Soon thereafter, Rue falls into a relapse. Many fans felt conflicted about the goodbye scene between Rules (Rue and Jules) and Schafer definitely was amongst those who were conflicted.

Hunter Schafer reviews Jules’ motivations

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Schafer opened up about this particularly heartbreaking scene. She admits that she can see why both characters made the decisions they did. “Yeah, I mean, it’s complicated and hard to just feel one-sided because there’s a lot going on right there. I think Jules is sort of wrapped up in this idea of the city, especially after her most recent trips there and having this wild experience and feeling the energy that she craved,” the Euphoria actress began.

Schafer continued on to express that Jules had concrete reasons for wanting to escape to the city with Rue. “And then coming back home and missing that, but also while she was in the city, she was missing Rue. So when Rue offers or sort of just throws the idea out there that they could run off and just go to the city and be happy now that they’re in this place of sort of an understood reciprocation of their love for each other, of course, Jules jumps at that,” the 19-year-old adds.

Schafer empathizes with Rue

But the Euphoria star also understands Rue’s hesitation to leave. “So I understand Jules as being upset and getting all wrapped up in this idea of being able to return to one of her favorite places she’s been to in a long time. In another sense, it’s the first time we see Rue really making a decision for her sister and her mom, which is really, really important, I think. And while she does relapse, I think that that decision can sort of be seen as a glimmer of hope maybe and that she’s not making decisions around this sort of toxic idealization of Jules. So yeah, I don’t know. It’s hard to say,” Schafer confessed.

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What’s next for the besties in season 2

We’re happy to see that Schafer is just as torn as we are about this scene. Rue and Jules both deserve to do what makes them both feel happiest and healthiest. However, it’s hard to see that their wants and needs aren’t aligning at the end of the season. We can only hope that the pair are able to find common ground in season two of Euphoria.