‘I May Destroy You’ Season 2: Will Michaela Coel’s Series Get Renewed?

One of the recent hits on HBO is the show I May Destroy You, which premiered in early June 2020. The comedy-drama series is helmed by Michaela Coel, a talented writer and producer, who also stars in the show. With the first season such a massive success with viewers, many fans are wondering if and when there will be a second season of I May Destroy You — and recently, showrunners opened up about the possibility of continuing Arabella’s story. 

Who is Michaela Coel?

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Michaela Coel was born in England in 1987. Growing up in London, Coel was drawn to English literature and writing while in school and discovered that she had a natural affinity for the written word.

She won several scholarships, which enabled her to continue her studies, and in 2012, she graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. By that time, Coel had already gained experience performing at open-mic nights, reciting poetry that she had written.

I May Destroy star Michaela Coel
Michaela Coel | David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Hearst Magazines

Growing in confidence, Coel decided to start writing plays. In 2012, her play, “Chewing Gum Dreams,” took off, inspiring a sitcom called Chewing Gum, which was released in 2015. Coel received very positive reviews for the series, and her work on Chewing Gum led to a series of small roles in other television and film projects, including a small part in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Coel’s biggest project was yet to come, and in early 2020, her series I May Destroy You, premiered on both HBO and BBC One. 

Michaela Coel’s show ‘I May Destroy You’ is a massive hit

I May Destroy You is set in Michaela Coel’s home city of London and focuses on a young woman named Arabella, who is loosely based on Coel herself. Arabella works as a writer, and when the show begins, she has just finished celebrating the release of her first book.

While out partying with her friends, she experiences a traumatic event, and although is unable to remember the exact circumstances at first, over the following weeks and months, she begins to put the pieces together. 

Arabella is played by Coel herself, with other talented actors including Weruche Opia as supporting players. Right out of the gate, I May Destroy You started receiving critical acclaim from viewers as well as critics, many of whom praised Coel’s acting and whip-sharp writing. Although the series tackles tough issues, Coel imbues the show with a sense of humor that appeals to all ages. 

Will there be a second season of ‘I May Destroy You’?

As with any successful show, the first season has barely wound to a close, and fans are already asking for more. The series finale of I May Destroy You aired in August, and around the time of the final episode, some of the players involved in the series opened up about what fans can expect to see next from Coel.

Harriet Webb, who plays Theo on the show, revealed that she has “never spoken to Michaela about (a second season.) I took it as a piece of work as it is.” Paapa Essiedu, who portrays Kwame on I May Destroy You, said that “I think we’re at least going to sit back and let people enjoy this before we think about what the next step would be.”

Coel, who was also interviewed for the report, refused to say whether she would consider continuing Arabella’s story, but she did state that there’s a reason the series finale feels so definitive. The talented star also stated that she has other projects that she is ready to work on, including another television series “in the back” of her mind.

It seems as though, for now, fans shouldn’t expect to see a second season of I May Destroy You anytime in the near future.