‘I Wish They Had a Little More Time’: The Baking Show Pet Peeve Fans Can’t Let Go Of

Cooking competition shows are almost everyone’s guilty pleasure. They are popular because of the high pressure and thrill that the contestants and viewers get. Cooking gaming shows are entertaining and educative.

Although fans like seeing their favorite aspiring chefs battle it out to create a culinary masterpiece, some fans feel like the participants aren’t allocated enough time for their delicacies to cool off. While this might not be a big deal for some and is part of the excitement, a section of Food Network fans are annoyed by this detail.

Cooking competition shows make a significant portion of the Food Network’s lineup

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Food Network has been around for two decades now. In all this time, it has brought fans an exciting lineup of cooking shows and competitions. Cooking game shows are mainly popular with the network’s audience.

Some of the big names in the culinary industry got famous after participating in cooking shows on the Food Network.

Chefs like Bobby Flay, Anne Burrell, and Giada De Laurentiis got their big breaks from such shows. The format involves pitting contestants against each other for the grand prize, which is usually a token amount or a spot on a culinary magazine cover.

In some shows, the winner gets a show or a contract with one top restaurant.

Most of these shows are high-pressure, and the contestants usually race against time to recreate a given dish or come up with a delightful meal on the spot. As the show progresses, the contestants are given challenges and then split into teams to boost their team spirit.

Some of the popular cooking game shows on Food Network include Iron Chef (which has churned out some of the biggest names in the culinary industry today, such as Flay), Top Chef, and Chopped, to mention a few.

Food Network also has seasonal cooking competition shows such as Holiday Baking Championship and Holiday Wars. The seasonal shows are also top-rated in the network’s audiences, and fans always rave about the complicated challenges that the contestants always come up with.

The chefs don’t get plenty of time to cook

Homemade Christmas cookies
Homemade Christmas cookies | Stephan Schulz/picture alliance via Getty Images

The cooking game shows usually run for one hour. Throughout the episode, the contestants are given some challenging dishes to make. Sometimes the contestants run out of time and end up with an unfinished product, which puts them on probation or elimination.

Other times the products, especially baked goods, usually don’t get a chance to rest after being removed from the oven. Once the time ends, the contestant is supposed to abandon everything else. They are required to have finished everything and plated their delicacies.

Most of the time, the items usually end up crumbling and falling apart since they weren’t allocated the right amount of time to cool off.

Fans hate the fact that the foods are never allowed to cool

Although the contestants don’t get plenty of time, they do put in their creativity to bring out the best they can. However, some of the Food Network fans on Reddit have termed the lack of time as topping their pet peeves list. One fan said, “I wish they had time to cool off. This is all for the baking shows.”

Others stated that they hated how Food Network would bring hosts who don’t know about the cooking show they are hosting. One fan gave an example of Eddie Jackson. The fan noted that Jackson displayed a lack of knowledge in his show and made the fan feel uncomfortable watching.

Another one raised concern about how the competitions always made contestants run up and down to the challenge displays. The fan said that the way the participants ran usually exposed them to various injuries.