Is ‘The Bachelor’ Franchise Grooming Wells Adams To Take Over For Chris Harrison?

Chris Harrison has been hosting The Bachelor and all of its spin-offs since 2002. And, honestly, you can hardly tell it’s been 18 years since that very first Bachelor episode. As the show’s creator, Mike Fleiss, tweeted in January 2019, “The guy just doesn’t age!”

Chris Harrison | John Fleenor via Getty Images
Chris Harrison | John Fleenor via Getty Images

In the same tweet, Fleiss joked that Harrison had just signed a contract that would keep him hosting the franchise’s shows for another 50 years.

Bachelor Nation was worried Chris Harrison was retiring last year

As Bachelor Nation might remember, Harrison was treated to a tribute video to celebrate his career during the premiere of the last Bachelor season. The video caused fans to worry that the host would be retiring soon.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight shortly after, he assured fans that he’d be sticking around.

“I thought two things: A, I’m either fatally ill or B, I’m being replaced or fired as the host of The Bachelor,” he joked. “It was like some weird lifetime achievement award that I didn’t realize was happening.”

“Rest assured Bachelor Nation, I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying in my spot as host of The Bachelor. I love what I do. If you couldn’t tell by my smile and emotion last night, I love what I do,” he continued. “I love this show. I love this franchise. It’s my baby, so I’m not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.”

Despite Fleiss’ tweet, Harrison admitted that he probably won’t be The Bachelor host for another 50 years, though.

“No, at some point, I’ll probably hand it off to my daughter, Taylor, and I will just get on my Rascal and just go off into the sunset somewhere. 50 years is a lot to ask,” he said. “I’m going to give everything I have, Bachelor Nation, but I can’t guarantee 50 years.”

Will Wells Adams take Chris Harrison’s place as ‘The Bachelor’ host when he retires?

Though Harrison says he’s “going to give everything I have,” he will someday retire. Who will take over when he’s done? During his ET interview he mentioned his daughter as a prospect, but there’s another member of Bachelor Nation fans wouldn’t mind seeing take over eventually: Wells Adams.

Adams started as a Bachelorette contestant on JoJo Feltcher’s season and went on to become the Bachelor In Paradise bartender where he’s known for his sound relationship advice.

In 2018, Bustle awarded Wells Adams with “Most Likely To Be The Next Chris Harrison.”

“The fact that Bachelor Nation thinks that I’m competent enough to let a bunch of people know that there is only one rose left is a huge honor. However, joke’s on you BN… ’cause I can’t count,” Adams reacted to the superlative.

When you think about it, it makes plenty of sense. Adams knows The Bachelor franchise because he’s been on the show, he gives great advice, he cares about Bachelor Nation, he has hosting experience, and he’s friends with Harrison. The current host has surely taught Adams a thing or two about the role over the years.

Here’s hoping Harrison has close to 50 more years in him. But whenever he’d like to step down, there’s at least one solid option to take his spot.

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