If It Were up to Nick Jonas, the Jonas Brothers Would Never Do Another Reality Show

Reality TV might be a lot of people’s guilty pleasure, but for Nick Jonas, it’s just something he’s never been able to get into.

During a recent interview, the singer opened up about the possibility of the Jonas Brothers starring on another reality show.

Jonas Brothers
Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

While this sounds like an amazing idea to fans, it doesn’t look like the Jonas Brothers will be making their way back to the small screen anytime soon.

Jonas is against starring in another reality series

While there are many famous families who would love to have their own reality series, having this type of lifestyle just doesn’t sound appealing to the Jonas Brothers.

During a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Nick Jonas admitted to host Kelly Clarkson that, despite having a large number of celebrities within his family, starring on another reality show just isn’t something he’s interested in.

Given Nick’s marriage to Priyanka Chopra and Joe Jonas’s recent nuptials to actress, Sophie Turner, a reality show starring this family would definitely be a success and Clarkson is certain of that.

“Y’all should have—you shouldn’t, but you should—have a reality show,” the talk show host said. “I just want to see it. I want to watch the dynamic of all those famous people in one family.”

While many of us would love to see the JoBros and their wives showcase their everyday lives on a reality series, the “Jealous” singer believes that this would just be a recipe for disaster.

 “I think the band might break up again if we had a reality show,” he quipped.

Nick and Joe hated being on Kevin’s reality show, ‘Married to Jonas’

Although the Jonas Brothers are now a united front as they dominate the music industry, adding a reality series to their already busy lives would definitely cause tensions to rise.

While the family did have a reality show previously, many fans might recall how much the series took a toll on the JoBros relationship.

In 2012 and 2013, Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle Deleasa appeared in a reality show called Married To Jonas. The show ran for two seasons on E! and gave fans an inside look into the couple’s life together.

Though this was Kevin’s very own solo project, his brothers made appearances on the show every now and again—and hated it.

During their Amazon documentary, Chasing Happiness, Nick and Joe Jonas admitted that they didn’t like being part of the series and grew a vendetta against their brother for putting their personal lives on full display.

“Our whole life was a closed-door meeting, and Kevin invited cameras into that meeting,” Joe said in the documentary. “We felt like he was going to air out a lot of our sh*t that we didn’t want people to know about.”

The former DNCE frontman later added, “We didn’t like the idea that the reality show could dictate who we were. To watch it every Sunday was not fun for us.”

Though Kevin Jonas loved having a reality show, he knew that his brothers just weren’t about it. “Joe and Nick didn’t want anything to do with it,” he said during the documentary. “They were kind of forced to do the show.”

This in turn caused the brothers’ bad blood for one another to grow even stronger, forcing them to eventually fall out of contact.

Now that the JoBros have worked out their differences and are touring the world performing side by side, we can easily guess that they don’t want anything, especially a reality show, to come between them ever again.