If Kaley Cuoco Has Learned Anything From Hollywood It’s This

Most people still associate Kaley Cuoco with The Big Bang Theory and not much else. But that will be changing soon. The actress has several new projects in the works, which she will be taking on an important role with. For those that think Cuoco is similar to the character she played on TV, you’re in for a big surprise. Take a look at how Cuoco is making a name for herself as a big-time producer in Hollywood. 

Kaley Cuoco’s new projects

Kaley Cuoco
Kaley Cuoco | Mike Windle/Getty Images

Now that The Big Bang Theory has ended, Cuoco has time to pursue other projects. But she’s not going for a light workload, Cuoco has taken on several projects with Warner Brothers, including a new thriller drama, The Flight Attendant, and the DC Universe animated series Harley Quinn

The Flight Attendant, which Cuoco will be producing, is based on a bestselling novel by the same name, written by Chris Bohjalian. Filming starts this fall and will be overseen by Cuoco’s own production team: Yes, Norman. The team was named after Cuoco’s dog, has been optioning the rights to The Flight Attendant for over a year and a half. So now that it’s finally happening, it’s a big deal for Cuoco. 

“I read ‘The Flight Attendant’ and was hooked immediately,” Cuoco said of the novel. “Warner Bros. Television is my extended family and I’m so excited to work together and bring this amazing book to life with them.”

The thriller will star Cuoco as Cassandra Bowden, a flight attendant who wakes up in Dubai, with a pounding hangover and next to a dead body. Unable to work out what may have happened, she takes her flight back to New York. Once landed, she’s met by the FBI and they have a lot of questions for her — questions that she can’t answer. 

The other confirmed project, Harley Quinn, will also be produced by Yes, Norman production team. It will be a half-hour adult animated action-comedy, with Cuoco voicing the title character. 

Because of the success of The Big Bang Theory, Cuoco is now a star with pulling power. When she’s on the cast list, she can bring in the audiences. The shows Yes, Norman produces will take advantage of her acting talent, and cast her in the lead, where possible. 

Warner Brothers is home for Kaley Cuoco

Yes, Norman will continue to produce shows for Warner Brothers, something that Cuoco has been openly happy about. She’s worked for the network for many years and is comfortable with them. “I love that Warner Bros. is my home away from home,” Cuoco said, as reported by Deadline. “I couldn’t be more excited to continue this incredibly collaborative and gratifying relationship. They’re stuck with me now!”

Her new projects, including a two-year pod deal for Yes, Norman, are part of a multi-faceted pact with Warner Brothers. The network recognizes her value, after all the work they’ve done with her on The Big Bang Theory

What Kaley Cuoco has learned from Hollywood

In an Instagram post announcing The Flight Attendant project to her followers, Cuoco shared a piece of advice she’s picked up from 25 years in the business. 

“After optioning #theflightattendant over a year in a half ago,” Cuoco wrote, “believing in my heart and soul it could be something , and now seeing it come to life is mind blowing! I have an amazing group of people behind me making this all possible , and my gratitude is ENDLESS! If I’ve learned anything in my 25+ years in this business is trust your gut, surround yourself with an incredible team & trust them, be authentic, and stay loyal always. You never know what can happen #yesnormanproductions”

What great advice. Surrounding yourself with hardworking people, and trusting your gut is wisdom we can all use, regardless of our profession. After all, it seems to have worked well for Cuoco, whose heading into some of the biggest projects of her career.