If You Don’t Have 40 Minutes to Spend Watching Tati’s Video Here is Everything You Need to Know About her Feud with James Charles

Have you ever watched someone literally unravel on camera? Well, Tati Westbrook, the famed YouTube beauty guru just did, and she spilled every bit of tea that she had on the fellow content star, James Charles. In a 40-minute video aimed at ending her friendship with Charles, Tati laid everything out on the table, and things are not looking good for Charles, who has 16 million YouTube subscribers.

Tati accused the 19-year-old of everything from sexual harassment to being a garden-variety phony, and now fans are absolutely shaken. Westbrook, 37 and Charles, 19, have appeared in a variety of videos together and have enjoyed a pretty positive relationship, so the sudden change is jarring.

Charles refused to endorse Tati’s haircare line

When Tati launched Halo, a haircare line that includes vitamins and supplements, fans assumed Charles would be the first to recommend the product. After all, Tati has been giving Charles plenty of airtime over the years and has endorsed several of his products. That didn’t happen though.

Apparently, James Charles didn’t feel comfortable endorsing Tati’s haircare line because he doesn’t care for the endorsement of supplements or doesn’t feel like he has the authority to suggest supplementation. If that were the case he’d kind of, deserve a big bravo, but it seems like Charles was waiting for a better deal to come along.

According to E!, Charles started to endorse Sugar Bear Hair Care Vitamins recently. The vitamins are a direct competitor to Tati’s Halo line. Once that happened, the gloves came off, and Tati was pissed. The veteran vlogger held her tongue for a bit, but it does seem like the endorsement of a competing product is what really set the feud off.

Tati claims James Charles is lying

After Tati made it clear that she was hurt by Charles’ endorsement of a competing product, the young YouTuber took to social media to issue an apology. He also made excuses for his endorsement of the product, claiming he was doing the company a favor after they helped him during Coachella. Charles alleges no money exchanged hands for his support.

Tati thinks that Charles is lying, and then she went on to drop some more dirt. She claims she’s also uncomfortable with a fair bit of Charles’ behavior, which she has long excused. The vlog went on to claim that Charles has sexually harassed men in the past and she feels like the entire situation needs to be aired out. She had some pretty crude words to say in her video, so watch with caution.

Gabriel Zamora added fuel to the fire

Gabriel Zamora, who happens to be Kristin Cavallari’s brother, added fuel to the quietly burning fire when he took up for James Charles. Zamora, who has a YouTube following of just under one million, alleges he has no idea why Tati was upset and thought Charles was entirely in the right to promote whatever brands he wanted.

While Zamora isn’t wrong, he fails to take Charles and Tati’s relationship into account. Charles, 19, has been outspoken about the support he’s received from Tati over the years and has even called her his very first mentor. The betrayal and alleged lies that followed on Charles’ part seems to have seriously soured Tati’s thoughts on the famed beauty guru.