If You Like ‘NCIS’ You Might Like These TV Shows Too

Nothing captures the attention quite like a good police drama show. From the details of the procedure and the nail-biting investigation to the excitement of the big reveal at the end, cop dramas are incredibly popular with fans of all ages.

One of the top police series of all time is NCIS, a show that has been in constant syndication since the premiere in 2003. For fans of the hit TV show, which is still on the air after all these years, here is a list of other fantastic shows that capture the spirit (and the same sense of excitement) as NCIS

‘Criminal Minds’

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With a historic television run that nearly rivals that of NCIS, Criminal Minds is a favorite with both critics and audiences alike. For fourteen seasons, the show has followed the exploits of an elite team of FBI investigators as they seek to unravel complex cases that often deal with extreme criminals. The investigators must confront their own demons and handle often turbulent personal lives as they seek justice for the victims.

While the show has undergone several cast changes over the years, it has always featured a roster of all-star talent, including original series lead Mandy Patinkin, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Shemar Moore, Aisha Tyler, and Thomas Gibson. For intense entertainment that runs nearly parallel to NCIS, check out Criminal Minds.

‘Blue Bloods’

Blue Bloods gives the genre of police shows an exciting twist by focusing mainly on the adventures of the Reagan family, many of whom are veteran members of the NYPD. The show is renowned for the astounding commitment to accuracy, including having an on-set consultant to personally proof the legitimacy of the police procedures in each episode, and even adding bits of slang and dialect to ground Blue Bloods in reality.

With superstars like Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg headlining the show, Blue Bloods has consistently been ranked as one of the top police dramas in syndication, with critics praising the show’s unique combination of heart and realism. 

‘True Detective’

While True Detective doesn’t follow the same format as many other popular cop dramas and is more like individual miniseries rather than weekly TV shows, it is nonetheless riveting entertainment. The first season originally premiered on HBO in 2014 and starred Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. It was set in a small town in Louisiana, and the gritty cinematography and location-specific touches set it well apart from anything else on television.

That first season received vast critical acclaim and was followed by two more seasons, both anthology stories with brand new cast members each season. Intense and exciting, True Detective is not for the faint of heart, but for those who stick around through the show’s more grisly moments, it is very rewarding.

‘The Blacklist’

James Spader stars as a former Navy officer turned wanted criminal in The Blacklist, a show that has been quite popular since debuting in 2013.

The show initially places the focus squarely on Spader’s character, but also the FBI agents who agree to work with him, locating the criminals on the infamous list he has curated in exchange for granting him immunity from prosecution. Spader’s notoriously quirky acting style works to great effect in The Blacklist, and he has been nominated for several awards during the course of the series.  

Enjoy any of our picks and you are bound to discover top-notch entertainment. Stay tuned to The Cheat Sheet to learn more about the best in available TV shows and movies, including the best original Netflix series (perfect for binging) and some of the most exciting crime documentaries around.