If You Love ‘Below Deck,’ You’ll Be Obsessed with the New Bravo Show ‘Unanchored’

If you can’t get enough of Captain Lee and the crazy crew on Bravo’s hit show Below Deck, we have good news for you. Unanchored, the network’s new show about a group of friends working on a 56-foot catamaran in the Bahamas, premieres December 3.

Here’s everything we know so far about Unanchored.  

It’s from the producers behind Vanderpump Rules

Unanchored is brought to you by Evolution Media, the same team of producers behind Vanderpump Rules. Viewers can expect SUR-like levels of drama among the group of nine friends who set sail on the high seas.

“We’re taking a lot of the same crew members, same people from Vanderpump Rules, and we’re doing this new show that’s all gonna be on the water,” Jeremiah Smith, a co-executive producer of Unanchored, told Bravo.

The cast are already friends

Unanchored isn’t throwing together a group of random strangers in the hope that some drama will emerge. Instead, the producers have gathered together a group of best friends to see if their relationships can survive three weeks together in close quarters. According to Bravo:

“[F]riendships are put to the test, long-distance couples are forced to see if their romance can survive 24/7 togetherness and fiery exes try to coexist peacefully during their voyage. Between hidden jealousies and buried secrets, there’s no shortage of drama with these friends as pent-up conflict between the crew finally comes to a head.”

The Unanchored crew will be attending BucketLust, an exclusive floating festival where 350 people and 35 catamarans sail to jaw-dropping spots in the Bahamas.

There’s sure to be drama among the crew

Unanchored on Bravo

Vanessa Cavanaugh, Danielle McNeil, Chelsi Pugliese, Rachel McGowan, and Evan Tauber on Bravo’s Unanchored.  | Greg Endries/Bravo

The Unanchored cast members all have histories with each other, which is sure to amp up the on-board drama. Here’s what we know about them so far:

  • Captain Jack Royds is a skipper from London. He’s the youngest of the group and is friends with Max Craddock.
  • Barrett Young is a director of marketing from San Francisco. He’s in a long-distance relationship with Danielle, but will it survive their three weeks on board?
  • Danielle McNeil is a podiatrist form Brooklyn. She’s trying to decide if she should uproot her life in New York and move across the country to be with Barrett.
  • Max Craddock is a law school grad from Santa Monica, California. His competitive older brother is also coming on the trip, so expect some serious serious sibling rivalry.
  • Vanessa Cavanaugh is a hairdresser from Naples, Florida. She’s in an on-and-off relationship with Max that’s currently in the off phase. But her commitment to staying away from him will be put to the test when they’re at sea.
  • Korey Warzala works in business development and is from San Francisco. He’s struggling to balance his desire for fun and adventure with his professional career.
  • Chelsi Pugliese is from Los Angeles and works in medical sales. She’s friends with both Vanessa and Danielle.
  • Rachel McGowan, a kindergarten teacher from San Diego. Her ex-boyfriend Albie will be in the Bahamas, which is sure to make for an interesting trip.
  • Evan Tauber is a restaurateur from Morganton, Pennsylvania. He’s the oldest person on the boat, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to party. But will the weeks he spends away from his nightclub business make him realize it’s time to grow up for good?

Unanchored premieres Monday, December 3 at 10/9c on Bravo after the season premiere of Vanderpump Rules.

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