If You Love ‘The Big Bang Theory’ You Might Like These Shows Too

The Big Bang Theory has no doubt been one of the most famous shows of the past decade. Its characters are pop culture icons and its storylines have been praised for being a great mix of humor, science, and even raw emotions at times. With the series finale airing very soon, fans will surely miss seeing new adventures from The Big Bang Theory gang.

However, if you are looking for another TV show to fill the void, there are several other similar comedy series with geeky vibes that you might like. Here are four of our favorites:

‘Young Sheldon’

Any fan of The Big Bang Theory must check out Young Sheldon, a spinoff show that transports viewers back to Sheldon Cooper’s childhood days. Here, he is a 9-year-old boy attending high school and, like his adult self, often finds himself running into problems caused by his above-average intelligence and odd social quirks.

Jim Parson, who played adult Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, is the narrator in Young Sheldon. Moreover, the show makes many other references to The Big Bang Theory as well, so anyone who watches both series should be able to spot jokes and crossovers that will make the viewing experience super enjoyable.

‘Silicon Valley’

If you love the different ‘geeky genius’ archetypes on The Big Bang Theory, HBO’s Silicon Valley will deliver on that. The show takes place, of course, in the famous Silicon Valley tech hub and is meant to be a parody of the types of people working there with characters that might remind viewers of those in the Big Bang Theory gang.

While The Big Bang Theory makes use of real math and science theories on its show, Silicon Valley also brings up realistic references to the startup industry that those who follow it closely will appreciate.

And if you need another reason to start watching Silicon Valley, perhaps it might be good to know that Bill Gates, a man who definitely understands a thing or two about the real Silicon Valley, loves the series. “The show is a parody, so it exaggerates things, but like all great parodies it captures a lot of truths,” he once said.

‘New Girl’

New Girl ran from 2011 to 2018. It is about an “adorkable” woman who finds herself living in an apartment with three male roommates and initially clashing with them due to the different personalities present.

Although it has a bit less nerd humor than The Big Bang TheoryNew Girl follows a group of friends who are just as weird and dysfunctional. Like the Big Bang Theory gang who often feel like the do not have it together in the dating scene, the characters of New Girl are in their 30’s and also struggling in different ways to catch up to their more accomplished peers.

The show has won three awards and been nominated for many others, showing that it can appeal to a wide variety of viewers, so it’s no doubt a series that deserves a check out.

‘How I Met Your Mother’

Another awesome group of friends you should meet is the characters on How I Met Your Mother. The show lasted from 2005 to 2014 and, in theory, is a story about how the main character meets his wife (or the mother of his children). However, in actuality, it is more about the shenanigans of a bunch of adults living in New York than anything else.

If you enjoy the smart, intellectual conversations that the characters on The Big Bang Theory have with each other, you might really like How I Met Your Mother, too. While the former is filled with discussions related to math and science, the latter explores a lot more of psychology and sociology that can actually make viewers think about dynamics within their own lives.