If ‘You’ Season 2 Is Just Like The Book, Expect a Lot More Drama

The Netflix show You is a winding story about a troubled man who “loves” so deeply, he kills for it. Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, is obsessed with Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail). Not only does he stalk herm and breaks into her apartment and phone, but he also kills those he deems as unfit to be in her life. He did it to her ex Benji and her overbearing friend Peach. 

After murdering Beck at the end of Season 1, not much is known about what’s going to happen in the next season. It’s set to premiere on Dec. 26, and the cast is known, but the trailer doesn’t give anything away. Luckily, between the second book in the series that You has been pretty faithful to and Reddit, we can guess at what’s to come. 

WARNING: Possible spoilers for Season 2 of You ahead!

Joe Goldberg from Netflix's 'You' in his bookstore basement.
Joe Goldberg in ‘You,’ played by Penn Badgley | Netflix

The tables could turn on Joe

Right off the bat, the short promo for Season 2 has a caption on Instagram that reads, “Meet your match.” Joe might meet his match this time around. Could it be his ex, Candace Stone?

At the end of Season 1, Joe is visited by Candace in his bookstore. He seemed shocked to see her, that she was even alive. “I think we have some unfinished business to talk about,” she tells him with a purpose. Does she blackmail him? Does she turn him over to the police? The book Hidden Bodies will give some answers. 

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The second book probably has a lot of really good hints at what will happen

Entertainment Weekly praised the book for being a “realistic thriller” and a “satire of a self-absorbed society,” that “hits the mark, cuts deep, and twists the knife.” That was sort of seen in Season 1, where a lot of the ways Joe dug into Beck’s personal life were very realistic, almost too much. 

In the book, Joe moves to Los Angeles to start over and Candace’s persona does indeed blackmail Joe. Sera Gamble, a writer of the show, confirmed to Metro UK that the show was filmed in LA and is set there just like in the novel. 

According to a Reddit post by user u/DavyJonesRocker, Beck is really dead, and Joe has finished all his business in New York City. He falls in love with Love — very appropriate — and her brother, Forty, will pose a big obstacle. And like we said before, Joe really doesn’t like those. 

Because of Joe’s move, there are a lot of new characters

Since he’s in LA now, he has a whole new cast of people to torture. As Variety reports, Love Quinn, who Joe will fall for this time, will be played by Victoria Pedretti from The Haunting of Hill House. Love is an aspiring chef but has some other jobs on the side as well. Joe’s job will be a little harder this time because Variety reports Love hates social media, unlike Beck. 

According to TV Line, Forty Quinn (Love’s brother) will be played by James Scully who apparently is a “bully” of sorts. and Jenna Ortega will play Ellie, a mischevious, conning teen.

Fans think Beck could have survived

Loyal viewers of the show might have been shocked to see Joe kill Beck, who he claimed to love oh-so-much. However, there’s a big group that choose to hold out hope that the aspiring writer is still alive somehow, just like Candace. User u/Mrsprinkles3 wrote “I don’t think Beck is dead… We never actually saw a body,” they wrote.

“Yes, at the end we see Joe on (what I’m assuming was) Dr Nicky’s property digging a hole for something that is clearly a body, but considering we never see Beck die, and we are never told what Joe did with Ron after killing him, I think the show was trying to fake us out. I wouldn’t be surprised is Beck reappeared eventually.”


Unfortunately, if Season 2 mirrors Season 1 just as closely, Beck is long gone. But everything is just speculation until Dec. 26 when You comes back to Netflix.