If You Survived ‘Saw,’ ‘Haunt’ Has Even More Traps

The Saw franchise is eight movies strong, and Chris Rock is developing a new Saw movie starring himself and Samuel L. Jackson. That’s a lot of traps, but there are enough traps for everyone. The new horror movie Haunt has all sorts of traps of its own. When a group of friends go to an extreme haunted house, the rooms are so extreme that not all of them make it out alive. Each room is a clever trap to make sure the “guests” can’t tell their friends.

Will Brittain as Nathan from the horror / thriller HAUNT | Momentum Pictures.

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods wrote and directed Haunt. It will be their follow-up to A Quiet Place by virtue of them finishing it after John Krasinski directed their Quiet Place script. Woods and Beck spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about creating a Haunt filled with traps that stand on their own. Haunt is in theaters Friday, September 13.

Why the traps in ‘Haunt’ are different from ‘Saw’

Jigsaw’s traps were always tailor made to his victims in Saw, and they each offered a potential solution if the victim was willing to make a drastic sacrifice. Haunt is operating under a different M.O.

“There’s a certain pressure to carve your own path and do your own thing,” Woods said. “For us, when I think of Saw, I think of really elaborate crazy mechanisms that are almost over the top, which is fun. That’s the fun of those movies.”

Andrew Caldwell as Evan and Katie Stevens as Harper in the horror / thriller HAUNT | Momentum Pictures.

John Kramer was an inventor in Saw. The villains of Haunt have more or less cobbled together their traps.

“We wanted to have a haunted house that somebody could put up and build,” Woods continued. “You don’t need an engineering degree to create the Haunt in our movie. These guys drew this up, they figured out kind of the most simplistic way and in doing something that’s more simplistic as far as the traps, for us it’s grittier and a little bit more real and that makes it slightly scarier to us.”

This trap was still too elaborate for ‘Haunt’

Even with all the traps in Haunt, there were some that didn’t make the cut. Since Haunt was a tight indie film, they ran out of time to do one of the more elaborate trap rooms.

“That’s just by basis of production logistics,” Beck said. “Sometimes you have a shooting schedule that gets cut by a couple days.”

An image from the horror/thriller HAUNT | Momentum Pictures

This isn’t a spoiler, since it’s not in the movie, although Beck said it may still end up in a movie. Haunt definitely leaves room for a sequel.

“There was one room, we called it the Suffocation Room, where you walk through this corridor of these air-filled bags that once you get in the middle of it, it starts filling up more and more and more, to the point where you’re just completely pinned between it,” Beck said. “So there are certain things that were left in the script and not executed, but that’s always something that we can come back to, whether it’s another horror movie down the line or some other idea entirely.”