Ig Users Drag Farrah Abraham for Calling Her Daughter “a Manipulator”

Farrah Abraham and her daughter have been in and out of headlines over the past week. Abraham received an abundance of attention when she experienced a wardrobe malfunction at the Venice Film Festival. Critics of the former reality star were also convinced she crashed some of the events at the aforementioned festival.

Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia Laurent Abraham
Farrah Abraham and Sophia Laurent Abraham | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

But perhaps Abraham’s biggest faux pas in the past week were the comments that she made about her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia. Abraham made several bizarre statements stating that her child was a manipulator and now IG users are dragging her for her comments.

Abraham posts a new video to YouTube

Taking to her Instagram page, Abraham announced that a new comedy video was up on her YouTube page. “New DOCU-COMEDY Skit up on my channel click link in bio now,” Abraham wrote. The video is a part of what Abraham is referring to as her “Domestic Goddess Tour.” The video is just over 11 minutes long, and is mostly a series of rambles and poorly-timed jokes. The most troubling part about the video is the things she says about her daughter.

Farah Abraham says she won’t raise a manipulator

“I’m going to go on a tirade because I’m no longer going to allow my daughter to think that she can manipulate me. Like I just can’t. My family did it to me, my parents did it to me and now my child. You can only handle so much before I f**king crack,” Abraham proclaims in the video. She then proceeds to launch into a story about how she gave her daughter a list of things to do and told her not to bother her for the day. Then she expresses outrage that the 10-year-old didn’t upload social media content and instead made up excuses so as not to do so.

Abraham blames her mom and dad for her daughter’s behavior

But Abraham doesn’t stop there. She then expresses ire that her daughter has learned manipulation tactics from her own parents. Citing a time when her daughter was trying unsuccessfully to convince her to get ice cream, she says she will no longer deal with the “manipulative behavior”. Of course, fans were immediately angered by these statements and had no qualms about tearing into Abraham for her remarks.

IG user drag Abraham for her remarks

“Are you really talking about how your 10 your old is “manipulating you” because she doesn’t want to do the stupid crap you make her do in attempt to get some relevancy or make you some money? First of all, she’s 10. You taught her everything she knows. Maybe you shouldn’t be making your 10-year-old do product review videos and to make you money because that’s not what 10-year-olds should be doing. I swear you’re one of the worst moms I’ve ever seen. #savesophia,” one IG user wrote, outraged that Abraham was forcing her daughter to do influencer posts.

Others found Abraham’s behavior towards her daughter downright hurtful and pathetic. “Your manager, if you still have one, REALLY needs to step in and talk with you. This is beyond concerning, Farrah Abraham. An 11-minute video posted to a public forum ripping your 10-year-old child. This makes no sense. Get help,” one IG critic wrote. “This is beyond pathetic … what are you even doing other than shaming and putting your daughter down. You’re not a comedian. You’re not an actress, you really need to get a real job …all you’re doing is embarrassing yourself,” another person chimed in.

Critics think Abraham uses Sophia to make money

Others were convinced that Abraham was merely upset that her daughter wasn’t posting things that could potentially make her money. “Yeah, I’m sure poor Sophia was like ‘Mom, I had to do school work online all day.’ And Farrah was like, ‘No!!!! You need to make a video talking about this face wash and review this toy so mommy dearest can make some money!!!’ lol that poor child,” on Instagram user chimed in.

Whether Abraham was joking or not, most of her Instagram followers found the comments about her daughter to be in very poor taste. Particularly since the child’s behavior sounds typical of any 10-year-old. We do hope that Abraham isn’t forcing the influencer lifestyle on her child, and instead is just allowing her to be the kid that she is.