‘I’ll Be Gone In The Dark’: What Is the New HBO Docuseries About?

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark is HBO’s highly anticipated new docuseries, and if you’re a true crime fan, it may easily become your next obsession. Here’s a breakdown of when the series premieres, how long it is, and what it’s all about.

Michelle McNamara
Michelle McNamara | Robyn Von Swank/HBO

‘I’ll Be Gone In The Dark’ is based on a book

Based on late author Michelle McNamara’s book, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer, the HBO series follows the investigation and ultimate arrest of the Golden State Killer. From 1974 to 1986, the serial rapist and murderer, who was also called the Visalia Ransacker and the East Area Rapist, committed dozens of crimes throughout the state of California.  

His identity was unknown for decades. But when McNamara started digging into his cases, she uncovered numerous leads and evidence that ultimately led to his arrest. In 2018, Joseph James DeAngelo was arrested and charged with eight counts of first-degree murder. 

McNamara, who was married to comedian and actor Patton Oswalt, tragically died in 2016 and was ultimately unable to see DeAngelo face justice.

'I’ll Be Gone In The Dark' by Michelle McNamara
‘I’ll Be Gone In The Dark’ by Michelle McNamara | HBO

The HBO series explores McNamara’s investigation

 I’ll Be Gone In The Dark explores McNamara’s relentless and detailed investigation of the Golden State Killer, a coin she termed to bring awareness to his crimes in California. The documentary is told through her own words, through various interviews and narrations from her book. It also features archival footage, and testimony from survivors, investigators, and family members tied to DeAngelo’s crimes. 

“It is a frightening document of an era when victims were often too ashamed to speak out and sexual crime was minimized in the press and the courtroom,” the HBO synopsis reads.  “Echoing McNamara’s writing, the series gives voice to the victims, and their experiences speak to the far-reaching, human cost of the decades-old case. The series is also a journey into the soul of McNamara, a tenacious journalist and citizen detective whose unrelenting commitment to investigating crimes earned her the respect of law enforcement and whose articles and book earned high praise from critics.”

Michelle McNamara
Michelle McNamara | Robyn Von Swank/HBO

“McNamara’s unwavering resolve, the survivors’ fortitude to tell their stories and the decades-long dedication of local investigators result in a shattering portrait of a fear-gripped community and the eventual path to justice,” the synopsis continues. “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark is a thoughtful and haunting meditation on survival, the reverberations that violent crimes have on our society and those who pursue their resolution.”

The docuseries comes from Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award-winning director Liz Garbus. And excerpts from McNamara’s book are read by award-winning actress, Amy Ryan. 

Where and when to watch ‘I’ll Be Gone In The Dark’

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark premieres on Sunday, June 28 on HBO at 10 p.m. ET.  The six-part documentary will air every Sunday night, with the finale airing on August 2.  

If you’re not watching on cable, and prefer to view it on a mobile device, you can stream the series on HBO Go, HBO Now, or HBO Max with a cable provided login and password.