Ina Garten Reveals Her Favorite Part About Writing Cookbooks

Ina Garten’s cookbooks are a labor of love for the cook, who once shared all of the many aspects that she loves when it comes to creating a new book. The cook finds joy in creating and testing recipes, as well as working with her team to ensure no detail is overlooked.

Ina Garten attends the Food Network's rooftop birthday party on October 13, 2018 in New York City
Ina Garten | Noam Galai/Getty Images for NYCWFF

Ina Garten loves many aspects of writing cookbooks

During a 2017 interview for Munchies: The Podcast, Garten was asked what “excites” her about writing cookbooks and, not surprisingly, she had a long list of her favorite parts of the process and absolutely zero complaints.

First, she has a great team to work with. “I love so much about it,” she said about writing cookbooks. “One is I love the team of people that I work with. I work with two people that are really smart and fun.” They get together every morning and divide up their responsibilities.

“I like the creativity of writing recipes and testing things,” Garten continued. “For me, it’s very scientific … in a much better way, it’s like the science I used to do in the government but you end up with strawberry tarts instead of enriched uranium. Much more fun.”

She added, “Also that it’s my business. I’m responsible to myself, which I love.”

Ina Garten is involved in every part of her cookbooks

Garten is super involved with bringing her cookbooks to life. “I love the business side of it and I love the creative side,” she explained. “There’s something about a cookbook that’s this handmade object that I’m involved in every single detail, from the ingredients that we use to the recipe that’s on the page, to how well tested that recipe is. So I know, when you get it, it’s going to work.”

She went on to discuss her involvement with working with the book’s designer and how important the food photography is. Garten explained, “There isn’t really a font, a color, a detail in the book that I’m not intricately involved in, including what the paper looks like and how the book opens.”

“There really isn’t a detail that I’m not involved in and I love that creative process,” she added.

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Where Ina Garten gets her recipe inspiration

Since she’s a prolific cookbook author and host of a Food Network show, many of Garten’s fans wonder where she gets her recipe inspiration.

During an interview with FN Dish, Garten shared how her recipe inspiration comes from so many different places. “I get it really from everywhere,” she said. “I mean, if I go to dinner somewhere or I see something in a cookbook or I see something in a food store or somebody tells me about something they had — a friend goes to a dinner party and had something delicious.”

She continued, “I mean it’s, like, in the air, and I keep a running list of things that I want to make. Today, you know, figs are in season, so I was playing around with a ricotta and fig cake. So, I’m always adding to the list and taking things off the list, and I just find inspiration everywhere.”