Ina Garten Says Every Home Cook Should Have These 3 Salts Handy in Their Kitchen

The Barefoot Contessa has done it again. She has a new book out, Modern Comfort FoodAccording to celebrity chef Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa herself, she figured when she started the book that people would need comfort food in an election year.

In a recent virtual tour of her barn kitchen, she said she had no idea that she would be releasing Modern Comfort Food in the middle of a pandemic. But she’s glad she did. Garten thinks people need comfort food now more than ever. 

Ina Garten’s barn kitchen is her workspace 

According to Garten, she loves having her barn in her Hamptons house. It allows her to separate her work and home life. She used to do all her work right out of her own kitchen, including recording herself preparing food.

Thanks to having a second kitchen in the barn, Garten is able to strike more of a work-life balance. She goes to work in the morning, even if it only means walking across her lawn. Then, at the end of the day, she can go home and relax. She’s not thinking of work all the time. 

Even though Garten doesn’t have to bring her work home with her anymore, Garten probably still organizes her kitchen pantry the same way she organizes her work pantry. She’s very specific about things going in certain places, even though she doesn’t have the most organized pantry in the world. 

Here’s how to organize your pantry like Ina Garten 

Ina Garten
Ina Garten | Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Garten organizes her pantry with food on the right side and equipment on the left. Garten says she doesn’t have any equipment that the average person couldn’t have in their home, and that may be true. But the average person may not have a pantry the size of Garten’s.

She has a sizeable walk in pantry. A lot of her equipment are things the average person would have. Muffin tins, baking sheets, and Dutch ovens abound. 

Garten has a few things the average person might not own, but they’re not crazy expensive items. She loves her food mill, for example, because it gives mashed food more texture. There are similar items available for around $50. She also loves homemade vanilla.

All that goes into that recipe is vanilla beans and cheap vodka. It takes a few months for the mixture to become vanilla extract, but it will last a long time. The beans cost around $20. 

Ina Garten always has these three salts on hand 

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In her pantry, Garten always keeps three salts. Her main salt that she uses in recipes is kosher salt, specifically the Diamond Crystal brand of kosher salt. According to Garten, some kosher salts are “saltier” than others, so fans who want to replicate her recipes should buy the same brand. She also keeps French sea salt, or fleur de sel, mostly for finishing. Lastly, Garten has Maldon sea salt flakes, for crunchiness. 

Some of Garten’s recipes include more than one type of salt. For example, her Chicken Pot Pie recipe has kosher salt in the filling, but Garten uses her Maldon sea salt flakes to finish the recipe, adding some crunch to the top of the pastry. Fans who want to try a recipe that uses fleur de sel should try Garten’s Fleur de Sel caramels (Food Network), a delicious salted caramel treat. 

The chef will have a quiet holiday season

The holidays will look different for a lot of people this year, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Garten is no different. This year she will not be having a big Thanksgiving. Garten usually hosts in the very barn she works out of, where there’s space for a long table. 

This year, however, she and her husband Jeffrey will celebrate alone. She’s still planning on having turkey, although probably a smaller one than she would normally prepare. Luckily fans who are feeling blue this holiday season will have Garten’s new book of comfort foods to draw from.