The Incredible Gift Ellen DeGeneres Gave Jennifer Aniston

Celebrity friendships that have lasted for decades will always make us smile. Enter Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres, who have made everyone (including Reese Witherspoon) jealous with their beautiful friendship. Read on to learn what gift DeGeneres gave Aniston in the past.

Ellen DeGeneres and Jennifer Aniston are good friends

Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres
Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres | Christopher Polk/Getty Images for PCA

DeGeneres and Aniston have been close friends for quite a long time. They first met at a birthday party of DeGeneres’ many years ago, at some point in her 30s. “I had never seen humor like that,” Aniston said of DeGeneres. “I laughed so hard. It got me and it always does still to this day. You hit my funny button like nobody else.”

Over the years, Aniston has come on DeGeneres’ talk show many times. DeGeneres texted her after hearing about an incident in which she was on a plane that couldn’t land. They even have a running joke about who Aniston is better friends with: DeGeneres or her The Morning Show co-star Witherspoon.

DeGeneres presented Aniston with an award recently

This month, Aniston received an award at the Variety Power of Women luncheon. She gave a beautiful speech about what it means to use your voice and find power in that, especially when it comes to helping empower young women. Aniston also spoke about the work of the organization she supports, St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

DeGeneres was the one who introduced her and presented her with the award. On DeGeneres’ show a couple of weeks later, she and Aniston discussed the event, as well as the fact that she called Aniston her best friend, to which the Friends actress said, “We gotta keep the best friends stuff on the DL. A lot of my best friends are here.”

Aniston said DeGeneres is responsible for giving her this gift

Aniston recently joined Instagram, and it’s a pretty big deal. DeGeneres informed her that she broke a Guinness World Record when she launched her account, becoming the person who got to one million followers the fastest. When asked why she chose to join, Aniston listed a bunch of reasons, including to “right wrongs that are said about you.”

One reason DeGeneres added was to “help animals get rescued,” which is a primary mission for the talk show host. Aniston then said, “That’s how I got Clyde, from you.” She’s speaking of her own rescue dog, who can be seen in the above photo with Aniston taken for New York Times Magazine. What a special gift.

They also shared a kiss on TV

The news of how Aniston adopted her dog may have been overshadowed by a much bigger moment during DeGeneres’ show. The host told Aniston that she had had radio host Howard Stern on recently, around the same time Aniston did an interview with him on his show. Aniston recalled that the two had even kissed on air.

She wanted to know how that had occurred and how the kiss was. But instead of telling her about it, DeGeneres decided to show her. The two shared a peck on the lips, which was, according to DeGeneres, “what [the audience] wanted to see.” Sometimes, you have to show rather than tell.