‘Incredibles 2’: Here’s Every One of Jack-Jack’s Incredible Powers

Jack-Jack licking a lollypop.

Jack-Jack possesses some amazing powers. | Disney Pixar

Incredibles 2 is here and the whole family is back on a new adventure. In the first movie, it seemed as if baby Jack-Jack didn’t have any powers but by the end, he ended up turning himself into metal. In this sequel, we get to find out exactly how many more powers there are and the answer is 17!

The rest of the family also finds out about Jack-Jack’s secret powers, especially Bob. “To have Bob realize Jack-Jack’s powers at the worst possible moment, when he’s being put in charge of the kid, just seemed like it would be a blast to animate,” director Brad Bird told The Verge.

The big revealing moment happens when Jack-Jack gets into a fight with a raccoon. The baby fights back by igniting himself on fire, moving through walls, multiplying himself, using super strength, and so much more.

So what all did the father have to deal with? Here are every one of Jack-Jack’s powers.

1. Multiplying himself

2. Fire starting

3. Transformation

4. Floating after sneezing

5. Flying

6. Electric powers

7. Summoning a protective blob

8. Turning into metal

9. Walking through matter

10. Telekinesis

11. Invulnerability

12. Super strength

13. Dimension travel

14. Super growth

15. Laser eyes

16. Hulking out into a demon

17. Mimicry of others’ facial features

Jack-Jack standing while frowning.

We finally get to see what Jack-Jack is capable of! | Disney Pixar

Although Jack-Jack has multiple powers now, he will eventually lose some of them. It turns out superhero powers is a metaphor for how real humans tend to grow up in real life. Brad Bird explained this to Cinema Blend with:

Babies are able to speak multiple languages easily, at the beginning, but then they start to harden like cement, and certain things drop away. So, you know, maybe Jack-Jack will start losing powers, because he starts to rely on this one or that one… I think we kind of choose our powers by what we’re encouraged with, and what we enjoy doing, and all of that. Usually people, if they have multi-talents, they’re kind of interested in a lot of things, and they’re passionate about a lot of things. So who knows! He may have more, he may start dropping a few off. You never know. That’s what babies are.

The concept of the family members’ power reflecting family dynamics in real life isn’t limited to Jack-Jack. Bird told Entertainment Weekly that this has been used for the parents as well.

“It went back to the core idea that got me excited about the film in the first place, which was using superpowers to comment on your role in the family — fathers expected to be strong, mothers being stretched in 10 different directions at once,” Bird told Entertainment Weekly.

By the end of the movie we still have no clue which power Jack-Jack will settle on. Perhaps that question will be answered in the third installment of the franchise. Bird said it’s very possible there will be a third movie and given the sequel has set a record at the box office, it looks like will happen.

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