‘Incredibles 2’: The Best Easter Eggs and TV References You May Have Missed

Few studios love Easter eggs more than Pixar. Each one of their films is packed with little references, including to other Pixar movies, and Incredibles 2 is no exception. In addition to all the callbacks to the first Incredibles, the movie also references a few TV shows that are unexpected but also totally fitting.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Easter eggs in Incredibles 2.

A familiar piece of footage

Elastigirl in her interview portion in 'The Incredibles'.

Elastigirl in the video footage featuring the supers  | Disney Pixar

First, we’ll start with references to the previous Incredibles. A fun one is that early on in the movie, during a news report, you can see footage of the interviews with the supers from the beginning of the first Incredibles. That’s the clip that ends with Elastigirl saying, “Leave the saving the world to the men? I don’t think so!”

Some old memorabilia

In the fancy house that the Parr family stays in during Incredibles 2, we can see a poster with Mr. Incredible on it that says “doing our part!” This is the same poster that Mr. Incredible had in the first movie.

Jack-Jack and Mozart

Jack-Jack's babysitter talking on the phone.

Jack-Jack has an penchant for Mozart. | Disney Pixar

You may recall that in The Incredibles, Jack-Jack’s babysitter makes him listen to Mozart. Well, clearly this paid off, as in Incredibles 2, Edna notes that Jack-Jack is responding to the Mozart music.

The mind-wiping device

The opening scene of Incredibles 2 involves Tony, Violet’s love interest, having his mind wiped by Rick Dicker after he finds out Violet is a superhero. Dicker does this by hitting Tony in the forehead with some sort of plunger-like device.

This is a clear reference to the short Jack-Jack Attack, which involves Jack-Jack’s babysitter being interrogated by Rick Dicker and having her mind wiped in the exact same way.

Syndrome’s robot

In yet another reference to the original movie, during Winston’s presentation early on about bringing superheroes back into the spotlight, a bunch of artwork of superheroes in action can be seen on the screen behind him. One of those images shows Frozone fighting the giant robot Syndrome created in the last movie.


Gazerbeam's body in the cave.

Gazerbeam | Disney Pixar

Gazerbeam is one of the heroes from the first Incredibles who was murdered as part of Syndrome’s plan; Mr. Incredible actually discovers his bones on the island.

Now, we get to see more of Gazebeam in Incredibles 2. During a flashback, we see that Winston and Eveyln’s parents had a phone line to him, which doesn’t end up being helpful in their time of need.

Familiar shows play on television

There are also some cool shout-outs to some actual TV shows in the movie. For example, Jack-Jack at one point is seen watching the intro to The Outer Limits, a popular sci-fi show that aired during the 1960s.

At another point, the kids are watching an episode of Jonny Quest, a cartoon from the same era. Both of these serve as good reminders that the Incredibles movies are actually supposed to be taking place in the 1960s, albeit a more futuristic version of it.

Plus, during the hotel room scene, what’s clearly meant to be a Godzilla movie is on television.

Ghostbusters reference

At one point in the movie, Evelyn and Helen are talking about Screenslaver, with Helen saying that the guy they caught is just a pizza delivery driver and doesn’t seem like an evil mastermind. Evelyn responds, “Einstein was a patent clerk!”

This is a clear reference to a scene in the original Ghostbusters, in which Peter Venkman notes, “Einstein did his best stuff when he was working as a patent clerk.”

Safari Inn

In the early part of the movie, the Parr family stays at the Safari Inn while figuring out what to do next. This is based on a real hotel called the Safari Inn, which is located near Disneyland.


Tony and Violet talking in the school hallway.

Tony and Violet finally go on their movie date. | Disney Pixar

Pixar fans know that every one of the studio’s movies features “A113” somewhere in it. This is in reference to a classroom at the California Institute of the Arts that the founders of Pixar used.

Sure enough, Incredibles 2 features the A113 cameo. For one, you can see it on the door of Eveleyn’s lab. But you can also see it when Violet and Tony go to the movies in the last scene; they’re going to see a film called Dementia A113.

Funnily enough, this is sort of a double reference to A113 and to Dementia 13, a real film by Francis Ford Coppola.


Along with A113, something else that appears in just about everything Pixar does is the Luxo Ball, a ball with a red star that originated in Pixar’s very first short film, Luxo, Jr. 

As expected, the Luxo Ball pops up in Incredibles 2, or at least an image of it does on Jack-Jack’s crib.

A mysterious Toy Story 4 Easter egg

It’s also a Pixar tradition for every movie to feature an Easter egg referencing the next film on the studio’s docket. In this case, that’s Toy Story 4.

Set supervisor Nathan Fariss confirmed to BuzzFeed that there is a Toy Story 4 Easter egg in Incredibles 2. But so far, nobody has found it. Fariss did note that it will be difficult to pick out until we’ve seen Toy Story 4, though.

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