‘Industry’: Has the HBO Series Been Renewed for Season 2?

Need your fix of HBO‘s Industry? In the chance that you’ve already binged the entire series, you can find solace in the fact that the show has officially been renewed for season 2 at HBO.

Myha'la Herrold and Nabhaan Rizwan in HBO's 'Industry'
Myha’la Herrold and Nabhaan Rizwan in HBO’s ‘Industry’ | HBO

What is ‘Industry’ about?

Described as Billions meets Euphoria on Britain’s Wall Street, Industry is a drama series set in the world of finance. It is from first-time creators Mickey Down and Konrad Kay, and per HBO, follows “a group of young graduates competing for a limited number of permanent positions at a leading international bank in London.”

Here’s the official description of the series:

Industry gives an insider’s view of the blackbox of “high finance” through the eyes of an outsider, Harper Stern, a talented young woman from upstate New York. Following a group of young grads fueled by ambition, youth, romance and drugs, the series examines issues of gender, race, class, and privilege in the workplace as these impressionable young minds begin to forge their identities within the pressure cooker environment and sensory blitz of Pierpoint & Co’s trading floor, where meritocracy is promised but hierarchy is king.

Led by Myha’la Herrold as Harper, the series also stars Marisa Abela, Harry Lawtey, David Jonsson and Nabhaan Rizwan as “The Graduates” and Conor MacNeill, Freya Mavor , Will Tudor and Ken Leung as “Management.”

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The series premiered earlier this fall. It is still airing the remainder of its season and will conclude later this month. Further creating buzz for the show, the entire season was dropped on HBO Max and is available for full-binging even though the entire season has not aired on the linear channel.

‘Industry’ season 2 has been announced

In a recent announcement, HBO announced that Industry had been renewed for season 2 and would be returning on the premium cable network.

“Mickey and Konrad have captured an authentic, fresh angle on workplace culture from the bottom up and presented a complex look at navigating life in your early twenties – replete with thrills, failures, and victories,” said Francesca Orsi, Executive Vice President, HBO Programming, in an official statement. “It’s exciting to see fans embrace these young graduates, and we join them in anticipation of what’s in store for season two. We also send a big thanks to our partners at Bad Wolf and BBC.”

What Mickey Down and Konrad Kay have said about the show

Both Down and Kay used to be bankers and used their experiences to play into the show. They also had a consultant from Morgan Stanley to make sure all of the dialogue about the finance world was correct.

“It was very important to me and Mickey that everything that was happening on a numerical level was absolutely spot-on, so we basically used this guy as a kind of almost a backstop,” said Kay in an interview with Newsweek. “It was very important to me and Mickey that a finance person could watch this show. Even if it is like a tiny percentage of the audience they can be like, ‘Oh wow, slightly sensationalized, a little bit heightened, but the essence of the world is almost totally correct.”

You can watch the full season of Industry now on HBO Max or watch the season 1 finale Dec. 21 on HBO.