Infamous Photos From the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial

The O.J. Simpson murder trial was one of the most famous trials to ever take place in modern history. The former NFL player was arrested and charged with the alleged murders of his then-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman. After a long, tiresome trial that was broadcast nationwide, the jury found O.J. Simpson not guilty of the murders. Here are 15 photos from one of the most memorable court cases of all time.

O.J. Simpson
O.J. Simpson stood trial for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. | Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

Brown Simpson’s apartment is roped off with daunting yellow tape

Nicole Brown Simpson
Nicole Brown Simpson’s apartment is roped off. | Mike Nelson/AFP/Getty Images

Goldman and Brown Simpson were murdered at Simpson’s apartment in Brentwood, California on June 12, 1994. Brown Simpson was in an abusive relationship — she had called the police about her husband’s abusive behavior once before. In the above photo, the woman paying her respects to Brown Simpson told reporters she was there to support women involved in abusive relationships. The apartment is roped off with yellow crime scene tape; a sign that something serious happened.

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The crime scene had a trail of blood

OJ Simpson
The trail of blood was discussed during the trial. | Lori Shelper/AFP/Getty Images

There was a lot of evidence to be found at Brown Simpson’s crime scene. This included a trail of blood that made its way through several areas of Brown Simpson’s apartment. This photo was taken during Simpson’s trial for the murders. In the above photo, police present the trail of blood to the jury. It appears to lead through several rooms and up or down a staircase.

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Bloody glasses were found at the scene

OJ Simpson
Bloody glasses were critical evidence. | Hal Garb/AFP/Getty Images

Brown Simpson and Goldman were at Brown Simpson’s home the night of the murders. Goldman had been returning a pair of glasses, which belonged to Brown Simpson’s mother, Juditha Brown. The glasses were recovered, still inside of their bloody envelope. The glasses and envelope were presented as evidence in the case during a cross examination.

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Brown Simpson’s autopsy shows several abrasions

OJ Simpson case
Brown Simpson’s autopsy is discussed. | Fred Prouser/AFP/Getty Images)

An autopsy was done on the victims to help determine what happened to them and how they died. The autopsy results were presented in court, and the above photo shows the Los Angeles County coroner pointing to various abrasion wounds on Brown Simpson’s body to try and piece together how the altercation went. The coroner did not perform a sexual assault examination, though, which was controversial as it may have helped implicate someone in the crime.

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Reaction to autopsy results

OJ Simpson case
Simpson reacts to the autopsy.| POO/AFP/Getty Images

Simpson unequivocally denied any part of his wife’s and Goldman’s murders, but he reacted shamefully to the presentation of Brown Simpson’s autopsy. In the above photo, Simpson holds his face with his hand as the coroner discusses what he found on Brown Simpson’s body during her autopsy. But throughout the trial, Simpson maintained his innocence. The autopsy was the beginning of the forensic pathology part of the trial.

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Blood evidence from the crime scene is presented

OJ Simpson case
The blood evidence is brought to the trial. | POO/AFP/Getty Images)

Many photos were taken of the crime scene, and they were shown in court to help make a verdict easier. The above photo shows all of the blood evidence that was found around Brown Simpson’s apartment the night of the murders. Police criminalist Andrea Mazzola collected most of the blood evidence from the crime scene and used it to piece together the events from that night. The evidence appeared to put O.J. at the scene of the crime.

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Evidence was found on O.J. Simpson’s property

O.J. Simpson case
The prosecution discusses evidence found on O.J. Simpson’s property. | POO/AFP/Getty Images

Many pieces of evidence were collected to try and solve this case. Some of that evidence was collected at the home of O.J. Simpson, who was not living with Brown Simpson at the time of her death. The above photo shows prosecutor Marcia Clark explaining that evidence was found on Simpson’s property that implicates him in the crime. She explains using a map of Simpson’s property.

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OJ’s gloves were allegedly at the scene of the crime

OJ Simpson case
Simpson puts on a bloody glove. | Sam Mircovich/AFP/Getty Images

A glove similar to one that Simpson owned was found at the murder scene, and prosecutors believe it puts Simpson at the scene of the crime. The prosecution alleges that one glove was found at the scene and another was found on Simpson’s property. In the above photo, Simpson puts on the bloody glove found at the scene as part of the investigation.

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The defense showed that Simpson had an alibi

OJ Simpson case
The defense details a map of Simpson’s whereabouts on the night of the murders. | POO/AFP/Getty Images

Simpson’s defense disputed the idea that Simpson had anything to do with his wife’s murder. Attorney Carl Douglas explains, using a map, that Simpson was nowhere near his wife’s apartment at the time of her death. The map also indicates the time stamps of other key people involved in Simpson’s night and concludes that Simpson was able to account for where he was when the murders took place.

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The Brown and Goldman families were emotional

OJ Simpson case
The families of Brown Simpson and Goldman were emotional. | POO/AFP/Getty Images

Brown Simpson’s and Goldman’s families attended the trial to show support for the man and woman they had lost. But it was difficult for the families to keep their composure while the prosecutor explained what happened the night the two were murdered. In the above photo, the family’s emotion over their loved one is evident. Brown Simpson’s mother sits in the back with her hand on her face, while Goldman’s father, step mother, and sister are teary-eyed in the front row.

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Ron Goldman’s pants show there may have been another assailant

OJ Simpson case
Goldman’s pants were key for the defense. | POO/AFP/Getty Images

Another piece of evidence recovered from the crime scene were Goldman’s bloody pants, which he was wearing at the time of the murder. This piece of evidence was significant to the case because it helped the defense with their argument that Simpson did not commit the murder. On the left pant leg was a pattern that resembled a shoe imprint, which the defense said proved there was a second assailant involved in the murder.

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The prosecution wanted Robert Kardashian to take the stand

OJ Simpson case
Robert Kardashian sits with Simpson. | Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

Robert Kardashian, a good friend of Simpson’s and another of his attorneys, was asked to take the witness stand to verify information about Simpson. Apparently, Simpson had taken some bags onto a flight to Chicago on the night of the murders, but the bags were nowhere to be found. The prosecution believed Kardashian may have known the reason for the bags’ disappearance. Kardashian was also one of Simpson’s defense attorneys and is heavily credited in helping Simpson walk free.

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Simpson is found not guilty of the murders

OJ Simpson case
Simpson was found not guilty on October 3, 1995. | Myung J. Chun/AFP/Getty Images

At the end of the trial, Simpson was found not guilty of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. He was a free man, and the above photo shows his initial reaction upon learning he would not be serving jail time for the crime. The verdict came with a lot of controversy — the public, most of whom had been closely following the case, largely believed that Simpson had committed the murders.

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Brown Simpson holds a ‘Remember Nicole’ button

OJ Simpson case
Brown Simpson’s attorney holds a ‘Remember Nicole’ button. | Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

After the not guilty verdict, there was a lot of controversy over the jury’s decision to let Simpson walk. In the above photo, Gloria Allred, the Brown family’s lawyer, holds a button that says “Remember Nicole.” The photo is from October 3, 1995, the day Simpson was found not guilty of the murders. Many people paid their respects to the Brown family after the verdict.

Brown Simpson and Goldman have never been forgotten

OJ Simpson case
Nicole Brown Simpson’s grave. | David McNew/Liaison Agency/Getty Images

Nicole Brown Simpson was laid to rest shortly after the murders were committed, but her grave still represents what a lot of people view as a lost opportunity for justice. Since the trial, Simpson was found financially liable for the suit and partook in a book about the hypothetical murders — “if” he had committed them. Essentially, Simpson has done all but admit he murdered his wife and her friend.

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