‘Infinity War’: 10 Things We Know About Spider-Man’s New Suit

Before facing off against Thanos, many of our favorite Avengers have gotten a makeover. For one, in Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America is sporting a beard, and Black Widow has dyed her hair blonde.

But a bunch of the characters also have new costumes. Captain America, Black Widow, and Thor’s outfits have all been slightly tweaked, and Tony has a brand new suit that utilizes more advanced technology.

Probably the biggest change is to Spider-Man, whose outfit has gotten a major upgrade for the new film. Here’s what we know about the Spider-Man suit in Infinity War.

1. It’s the one from the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spiderman suit being given to Peter.
You might have seen the suit before. | Columbia Pictures

Technically, Spider-Man’s suit in Infinity War isn’t brand new. It was introduced at the very end of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Fans will recall that one of the last scenes in that movie was Tony Stark inviting Peter Parker to join the Avengers; as he did so, he offered Peter a new suit.

This suit looked pretty incredible, but Peter actually turned down the Avengers invite, preferring to stay close to the ground for a while. However, this suit was obviously going to come into play at some point, and now, Peter gets to use it in Infinity War.

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2. In the comics, it’s referred to as the Iron Spider armor

A spider-Man comic book.
The suit has an interesting name in the comics. | I_collect_a_lot via Instagram

This new suit for Peter was not invented for the films; it has its origins in the comics. In the source material, Peter’s upgraded suit is referred to as the Iron Spider armor. It’s a relatively recent addition, being introduced in 2006.

Peter wearing the suit was a big part of the Civil War storyline, as it demonstrated his loyalty to Tony Stark’s side. In the comics, Peter ditches the suit after defecting from Tony’s camp. Other characters, including Mary Jane, would go on to use the armor.

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3. There are mechanical arms that come out of it

The Spider-Man's mechanical arms.
One of the suit’s amazing features | Spider Houmous via Instagram

The Iron Spider armor was built by Tony Stark, and naturally, it comes decked out with all sorts of features and gadgets.

One of the coolest is the fact that it has three mechanical arms that come out of it. Not only can Peter use these like regular arms in order to grab things, but they also have cameras attached, so he can use them to see around corners. When the arms aren’t in use, they fold up into the back.

In the film, though, the suit has four arms instead of three like in the comics.

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4. It’s extra strong and bulletproof

The Spider-Man suit's features.
The suit makes him a strong character. | Emergency Awesome via YouTube

One of the reasons it makes sense to upgrade Peter to the Iron Spider armor for Infinity War is that otherwise, Thanos could probably take him out as if he were killing an actual spider.

After all, when we first meet Peter Parker in Civil War, he’s basically swinging around the city in a hoodie and sweatpants. But this Iron Spider armor is extra strong, closer in line with the strength of Tony’s Iron Man armor.

In addition, the Iron Spider armor is also bulletproof, so it is certainly useful in combat. Plus, for when it does get damaged, it’s able to repair itself.

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5. It can glide through the air

Spider-Man gliding in the air.
The suit gives Peter incredible abilities. | Marvel

Traditionally, Spider-Man gets around by swinging through the city using his webbing. But there’s danger for him when he’s falling and there’s nothing around to shoot his web onto.

That’s no problem with the Iron Spider armor, though, since it has gliding technology; when using it, Peter can fly through the air without actually needing to shoot web at all.

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6. It has camouflage technology

Spider-Man being attacked.
These abilities make for an interesting character. | Marvel

Another nifty feature of the Iron Spider armor is that it can actually change its appearance.

In the comics, Peter can change the suit’s look and make it appear that it’s actually a different version of his suit and not the Iron Spider one. He can also make it look like regular clothes.

In addition, Tony explains in the comics that it can “also blend into a variety of backgrounds. The darker the background, the better the camouflage.”

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7. It can filter out toxins and allow Peter to breathe underwater

Peter on the side of a school bus wearing Spider-Man's mask.
Peter will have no trouble fighting opponents in water. | Marvel

The mask itself also has two useful features built into it. The first is that it can actually filter out toxins. So if there’s any situation in which the Avengers are at risk of being killed with poisonous substances, Peter Parker doesn’t have to worry.

And if Peter needs to do something underwater for any reason, he’s well-equipped for that; the suit allows him to breathe underwater for a limited time.

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8. It lets Peter listen to police scanners

Spider-Man in 'Infinity Wars'.
No stopping this crime fighter. | Marvel

The Iron Spider suit makes it a lot easier to track crime and quickly respond to it. After all, Tony has put built-in emergency scanners in it, so Peter can respond to situations around the city in a timely fashion.

This isn’t too useful for Infinity War, seeing as the threat is so massive and cosmic in that film. However, it’s possible that Peter will tweak the Iron Spider armor and use it during his second solo movie, in which this feature might come up.

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9. Tony can override the suit if he needs to

Tony Stark in 'Infinity Wars'.
Tony Stark can remotely control the suit. | Marvel

The Iron Spider armor first comes into play during the Civil War storyline, during which Tony isn’t sure whether he can trust Peter. So Tony actually builds in a function to the suit that will allow him to override it if he needs to.

The nature of Tony and Peter’s relationship in the films is completely different right now, though; by the time that Tony gives Peter the armor in Homecoming, he appears to completely trust the kid.

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10. It’s completely computer generated

Tom Holland wearing his suit in 'infinity Wars'.
The visual effects of the suit were added post-production. | Marvel

So how exactly is the Iron Spider suit being accomplished visually? Is it a practical suit? Is it a mix of practical effects and CGI?

According to Tom Holland, at no point did he actually wear anything resembling the Iron Spider armor on set. Instead, he just wore a motion capture suit, and the whole thing was accomplished with visual effects.

Holland said in an interview:

Essentially I have to wear, essentially, pajamas. I wear these pajamas with balls on them that light up. It’s super cool. It’s not. I’m on set with the Avengers who are wearing costumes that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, made by the best seamstresses you can imagine, and I’m there in a suit made by Marks and Spencer.

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