‘Ink Masters’ Star, Daniel Silva, Pleads Not Guilty to Murder Charges

Daniel Silva has entered a not guilty plea to charges stemming from the May 10 crash that killed YouTube star, Corey La Barrie. The accident, which took place on La Barrie’s 25th birthday, stunned the YouTube community. Silva was arrested the following day on murder charges after he was released from an area hospital. He was reportedly treated for a hip injury. Alcohol and high speeds are believed to have played a role in the crash, although Silva was not charged with a DUI.

Daniel Silva pleads not guilty to murder charges

Silva finally appeared in court following the May 10 crash. The former TV personality entered a plea of not guilty and will return to court on June 27. According to E! News, a judge will review Silva’s bail at that time. There is no word on how long it could take for the case to go to trial if it ever does.

Partygoers reportedly told police that Silva was drinking on the night of the crash. Sometime after 9 pm, La Barrie and Silva got into a 2020 McLaren. Silva was behind the wheel, driving at a high rate of speed, when he lost control of the vehicle. The passenger side of the car plowed into a street sign before coming to rest against a tree.

Silva’s lawyer, Mike Cavalluzzi, spoke with TMZ. He told the publication that Silva is devastated by the death of La Barrie. A source who also spoke to the publication claims Silva was not drinking heavily before the crash, which is contrary to what several other witnesses have said. The source was not named.

Bystanders have taken to Twitter to share their recollection of events

In the wake of the tragedy, many YouTubers took to Twitter to share their memories of La Barrie. He was remembered as a kind, loving and energetic soul. Those who witnessed the crash have also taken to the platform to share their thoughts. It appears as though several of La Barrie’s friends witnessed the accident and ran to render aid.

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Jeffrey Seavey, the father of Daniel Seavey, took to Twitter to share that Seavey, along with Christian Seavey, was on hand when the crash happened. According to the post, the younger Seavey, along with two friends, pulled La Barrie from the wreckage of the car and attempted to comfort La Barrie before medics arrived. Christian Seavey, reportedly helped to detain Silva after he tried to flee the scene. Daniel Seavey, a singer and songwriter, appeared on American Idol in 2015.

Daniel Silva could face life in prison

While there is no trial date set for Silva just yet, the penalty he faces has been released. The famed tattoo artists, if convicted, could spend 15 years to life in prison for the incident. There is no word on whether additional charges are forthcoming. The investigation remains active.

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It was originally reported that Silva’s bail was set at $200,000. That information was later amended. Silva’s bail was actually set at $2 million. The high bail amount may indicate that a judge felt Silva was a potential flight risk. The large bail may also be connected to Silva’s actions following the incident. Police have stated that witnesses reported that Silva had attempted to flee the scene of the accident.