‘Insecure’ Fans Are Cheering On Yvonne Orji’s HBO Standup Special, ‘Momma, I Made It’

Yvonne Orji may be annoying fans of Insecure with her perceived pretentious behavior via her character Molly, but she proved her place in the world of comedy with her HBO standup special Momma, I Made It. A far cry from Molly’s “bad friend” persona, Orji made viewers laugh with her stories of the duality of being a Nigerian American, and fans are still buzzing about the special online. 

Yvonne Orji
Yvonne Orji in her HBO special ‘Momma, I Made It’ via Twitter

Yvonne Orji shines in her HBO comedy special ‘Momma, I Made It’

Orji made her debut as a standup comedian on a major platform with HBO with Momma, I Made It. Throughout the 65-minute special, the actress takes viewers along her journey of what her experience of being a Nigerian American has been.

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Clips of Orji’s trip to her native home in Nigeria with family and in her village are dispersed throughout the special in-between jokes she tells in front of a sold-out crowd in Washington D.C. to show viewers the truth behind her material. 

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Orji was raised with traditional strict Nigerian born parents who were sticklers for education. She explains that despite having a Masters Degree in Public Health and her parents wish that she become a medical doctor, she disappointed them by chasing a career in comedy. Through it all, despite not understanding, her parents were as supportive as they could be and are now proud of the results. 

Fans love Yvonne Orji’s ‘Momma I Made It’

Orji has been on the brunt end of backlash for her character on HBO’s Insecure. Fans have been fed up with her character Molly and her on-screen best friend’s rifts and have been patiently waiting to see if Molly’s behavior will change on the show, Furthermore, they are calling for the two frenemies to make up or go their separate ways for good.

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Orji has been joking about fans’ failure to separate her television character from her real-life persona and she got her wish after her HBO comedy special aired on June 6. Fans are now able to differentiate the two women but more importantly, they are finally seeing the comedic genius that Oriji is.

“@YvonneOrji MAD FUNNY YO,” one fan wrote on Twitter, giving the Insecure actress her kudos. 

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“This comedy special is funny af! Thank you @YvonneOrji #MamaIMadeItHBO,” wrote another.

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With the unrest going on throughout the country amid protests against police brutality, other fans are praising Orji for the much-needed laughs her special provided.

“@YvonneOrji Sis you did that & WE needed that more than ever. To be able to let go & laugh & breathe was THERAPY! Definitely black joy,” wrote one.

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“Yvonne Orji’s new stand-up on HBO was really good. We really needed a good laugh. Momma, she made it,” another wrote.

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Momma, I Made It was Orji’s first filmed special for cable but she’s been hustling as a standup comedian for almost a decade. She’s currently writing her first book which details the intersectionality of her faith and career and is also the executive producer of a show in the works.