‘Insecure’ Fans Are Not Excited About The Upcoming Episode

Season 4 of HBO’s Insecure has fans divided on who’s side they are on in the breakdown of Issa and Molly’s friendship. The current season has chronicled the cracks of the two and after the last episode, it’s possible that they may just be at the point of no return. While fans wait to see what ultimately happens between the Molly and Issa, many are expressing their disappointment that the upcoming episode focuses solely on Molly. 

Issa and Molly of HBO's 'Insecure'
Issa and Molly of HBO’s ‘Insecure’ via Twitter

The last episode of ‘Insecure’ followed Issa post her blowup with Molly

Molly and Issa have been preparing fans for their brutal exchange that took place during episode 5 since season 1. Since the start of the season, the two BFFs have fought to stay above water and stay on track despite their best efforts. The two women found themselves silently at a crossroads with what the future holds for their friendship. Things finally came to a head during the biggest event of Issa’s career.

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It probably wasn’t the best time for Molly to approach Issa about her frustrations with her but it didn’t stop her. The two exchanged harsh words back and forth during an argument that felt like an eternity.

Molly accused Issa of going behind her back to use her boyfriend for a hookup for her event and Issa accused Molly of being selfish and punishing her for reasons she was not aware of. The two nearly came to blows before they were interrupted by the threat of gun violence at Issa’s event and went their separate ways.

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The following episode focused on Issa reveling in the success of her event while struggling to figure out whether or not she should reach out to Molly first. She ultimately decided against it, as Issa has always been the friend to make the first move toward reconciliation during previous spats. Instead, Issa turned her focus toward honing in on her new passion for creating events and taking a risk by spending time with different people.

Fans are not looking forward to the next episode of ‘Insecure’ focusing on Molly

The preview episode for the next episode shows Molly spending time to nourish her new relationship with her first serious romantic partner she’s had since the start of the show. It only makes sense that Molly would have an entire episode dedicated to her as both she and Issa are currently not on speaking terms and working independently to figure out boundaries for their potential reconciliation.

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But not all fans are excited about the Molly episode. 

“I’m really not trying to see a whole episode dedicated to Molly. I’m just not,” one wrote on Twitter.

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Many are fed up with what they perceive to be selfish behavior on Molly’s part and her uncomfortably with Issa stepping into a more productive phase in her life. 

“Rewatching insecure from season one, and molly has lowkey been a hater h*e the entire time. We just didn’t notice because it wasn’t toward Issa,” one observed.

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For the most part, viewers are #TeamIssa and are anxious to see the two hash things out for good in an upcoming episode. Ultimately, fans want answers on whether or not Issa and Molly will work things out or if they are done for good.

“Me at the #InsecureHBO producers & writers for not having the Molly & Issa confrontation in this episode after I waited a whole a** week for this,” wrote another.

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Issa Rae has not given any hints about what will happen between Issa and Molly this season but promises the season explores what happens when 30-somethings come to a crossroads in their friendships. With four more episodes of the season, fans will have to continue to tune in and see how things play out.