Inside NBA Star Anthony Davis’s Confusing and Private Love Life

NBA star Anthony Davis is one of the most high-profile members of the Lakers. He has received numerous awards and honors during the course of his career, including a gold medal with the 2012 US Olympic Team.

Although he is a well-respected player with very few controversies, Davis has had a notoriously messy personal life. He doesn’t speak out publicly regarding his romantic relationships often, but the internet has been abuzz with rumors for many years involving Davis and his succession of girlfriends.

Keep reading to learn how Anthony Davis became popular and whether or not he is dating anyone these days. 

How did Anthony Davis get involved in basketball?

Anthony Davis on the court warming up before a game
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Born in 1993, Anthony Davis started playing basketball while in high school. He had a massive growth spurt during his high school years which led him to be an even more successful player, and in short order, Davis started attracting the attention of recruiters and managers.

When he began college, he made a commitment to the Kentucky Wildcats and with Davis’s help, the team earned a slew of awards and recognitions.

Davis only stayed in college for one full season, ultimately dropping out in order to pursue a career in the NBA. Initially, Davis was drafted by the New Orleans Hornets (later known as the New Orleans Pelicans) and played in the 2012 Olympics.

Following his run in the Olympics, Davis was named an NBA All-Star and in the years since he has earned that honor a staggering five additional times. In 2017, Davis was given the NBA All-Star Game MVP Award. 

Anthony Davis was reportedly involved with Brittney Griner

Anthony Davis’s personal life has been somewhat of a mystery to fans and sports critics. Reportedly, he dated Brittney Griner, a top women’s basketball player, in 2015, following Griner’s divorce from her partner Glory Johnson.

The two were even rumored to be married but neither of them has ever directly confirmed this report. Davis gushed over his girlfriend at the time, saying that she was “everything” to him and that the two had “so much in common.” Sadly, it wasn’t to last, as Griner ended up moving on with Cherelle Watson.

Fans are still curious to know the specifics of Davis’s relationship with Griner, but it doesn’t seem as though either one of them have much interest in rehashing their romance for the benefits of tabloids or sports enthusiasts. As for Davis, he seemed to find love with someone who would, reportedly, completely change his life. 

Who is Anthony Davis dating these days?

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According to many reports, Anthony Davis is involved in a romantic relationship with a woman named Marlen, whom he started dating sometime after the dissolution of his relationship with Brittney Griner.

Very little is known about Marlen, and all of her social media accounts are private — but it has been reported that she is the mother of Davis’s daughter, Nala.

The two shared some photos of their baby shower in late 2017, but besides that, both Davis and Marlen have been extraordinarily private. In fact, Davis has never shared any photos of Marlen to his social media accounts and seems to prefer that the focus remains on his basketball career. In the rumor-focused world of sports entertainment, that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Reportedly, the couple does live together in a lavish, rented Bel-Air mansion that includes a personal gym and a basketball court and could be looking to purchase their first home together. Whether or not they will get married before taking this big step remains to be seen.

Considering Davis’s attitude towards keeping his personal life private, fans might not even know if they do.