Inside Prince Philip and Sarah Ferguson’s Feud

Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank is fast approaching and there’s been no shortage of drama leading up to the bride’s big day between her mother, Sarah Ferguson, and her grandfather, Prince Philip.

You may have heard that Fergie and Queen Elizabeth II’s husband haven’t spoken in years and there’s been talk that because he despises his former daughter-in-law so much he was willing to skip Eugenie’s wedding to avoid seeing her. But do you know what started their bitter feud in the first place and why Philip still holds such a grudge against her?

Here’s more on that and if the two will be able to bury the hatchet for Eugenie’s Oct. 12 nuptials.

Prince Philip and Sarah Ferguson

Prince Philip and Sarah Ferguson | Breaking News Channel via YouTube

The Duchess of York and the Duke of Edinburgh’s feud goes back to the ’90s when she was still married to Prince Andrew.

According to royal biographer Allan Starkie, in 1986, when Fergie joined the family Philip reportedly told her “now you’re a member of the firm you can do anything you want but you’ll always be found out.” In 1992, she did do what she wanted and she was found out as her scandal made the front page news of tabloids across the globe.

While vacationing in St. Tropez, Fergie was photographed sunbathing topless and getting her toes sucked by financial adviser John Bryan. The morning the pictures were published the duchess was staying at the Balmoral estate with her in-laws and they came across the photos during breakfast. The news was a huge embarrassment for the royal family and something that Philip, in particular, was livid about.

Fergie and Prince Andrew ending up divorcing four years later. However, they have always maintained a close relationship while co-parenting their daughters, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice. Philip though never forgave her and to this day still harbors ill feelings towards her for the damage she caused to his family’s reputation with her extramarital affairs and inability to keep her name out of the headlines.

Prince Philip and Sarah Ferguson

Prince Philip and Sarah Ferguson | TV News 24h via YouTube

Philip’s loathe for his son’s ex-wife has been evident over the years as she was not invited to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding at his request. Moreover, she was only invited to the church ceremony, not the reception after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding also reportedly at the request of Prince Philip and Andrew’s brother, Prince Charles.

Ferguson will certainly be at Eugenie’s wedding though since she is her mother and now royal sources revealed that Philip will be in attendance as well. Furthermore, the 97-year-old agreed to appear in a few photos with his granddaughter and the groom which Fergie will also be featured in.

“Prince Philip has agreed to pose in the wedding snaps alongside Eugenie’s mother, Sarah, Duchess of York,” the source said. “It will be the first time that the pair have been pictured together in 26 years.”

But while it may seem like Prince Philip is putting the past behind him he likely will not be present at the reception that way he won’t have to socialize further with Ferguson.

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